Breatharianism Do You Need FoodHow much of your day involves buying, preparing, consuming, digesting, and passing food and water?

Add all these factors together and you equate hours of your life dedicated to the process of eating.

Do you need to eat food and drink water?

No. Our mind is powerful enough to change our molecular makeup, cure disease, and create energy for our survival. The power we possess within us to use the abundant energy around us to sustain ourselves is here now.

North KoreaNorth Korea is raising the stakes with South Korea by threatening them with nuclear attack if the South conducts military exercises in questioned regions.

What should be done?

What does your intuition tell you about the situation?

Could we witness a nuclear attack in 2011?

Should we wipe out the North since we are the South’s ally or should we buy time?


Does Sin Divide Us From GodSin is essentially thought of as a violation of universal or spiritual laws. It is often implied that sinners are doing something wrong.

So does sinning divide us from God?

The list of acts that define what a sin is does not separate us from God.  We are never separated from God.

What can give us the feeling of separation from the Divine is when we judge those acts as wrong or bad, as if God is judging us, as if God would choose sides. Because anytime separation or division occurs, it is the result of judging a side as not as valuable or good.

10 Tips to Manifest Spiritual SuccessThese ten tips will assist you with manifesting your spiritual success.

    1. Be Authentic: Authenticity connects you with your inner truth and purpose.

    2. Be the Example You Wish to See: What you see is what you get, is a transparency that is rare in the world. People tend to conform to the status quo to feel acceptable.

    3. You Are An Energetic Being: Allow the energetic currents of your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical self to flow openly, to promote health and well-being.

How To Trust SpiritMost mediums and psychics do not exceed 50% accuracy. This means they are accurate at best 50% of the time. Trusting yourself with confidence creates contact with accurate information.

There are steps to be taken so you may be clear in what you receive and discern when you are and are not clear. These virtues increase your chance of being an accurate intuitive.

If you’re going to make a so called ‘mistake’, it is more productive to do so by going within and following your own intuition and a higher power rather than the voices of the outside world.

Every person alive meets the challenge of making choices and the result of your choice is reliant upon whether you choose from within yourself based on your own truth or choose based on another’s truth.

Ultimately, if we trust, are clear and discern the highest intuitive truth in each moment, we are doing the best we can, even if by the results it seems like we didn’t do the best we could have done.