Do Angels And Fairies ExistDo we have Angels and Archangels to call on for help and assistance?

Are fairies real or a figment of our imagination?

Are they real? Spirits are formless, meaning they have no form, which means the angel wings and fairy dust are not their true form. Spirits are however pure spiritual energy that interacts with us for guidance and healing.

Just think of the heavenly features and Tinkerbelle looking personas as costumes. Spirits put on costumes to better interact with us based on our belief systems much in the same way deceased loved ones come to us looking like they did when they were alive, as if they kept that costume on after the body died.

Breatharianism Do You Need FoodHow much of your day involves buying, preparing, consuming, digesting, and passing food and water?

Add all these factors together and you equate hours of your life dedicated to the process of eating.

Do you need to eat food and drink water?

No. Our mind is powerful enough to change our molecular makeup, cure disease, and create energy for our survival. The power we possess within us to use the abundant energy around us to sustain ourselves is here now.

Is Possession RealPossession or not, that is the question.

I hear more often than not, mediums and psychics talk about the possibility of being possessed if you don’t use a protective affirmation or prayer.

It’s amazing how humanity has come up with clever ways of instilling fear about our connection with spirit.

We really need to rise above the concepts of possession. It is an immutable universal law that only one spirit may possess one body and one time and that spirit is you.

What about bad energyHow many times have you heard someone say ‘that person has bad energy’?

Does bad or negative energy really exist?

No. Energy is simply vibes that you either are compatible with or not.

Just because you are not compatible with someone, another person may be best friends with them.

The idea of bad energy is our judgmental projection onto people, places and things.

Think about it.

We all disagree and there are people that disagree on so many things that they feel really uncomfortable or even pain from the other person’s presence.

Do walk-ins existA walk-in, as they have been called, is a soul that replaces another soul in a body during a lifetime.

Though most have not heard of this phenomenon, it is a common phrase in the metaphysical community.

Can your soul permanently leave your body before it dies?

Can another soul take up residence in your body?

No and no. Once a soul chooses a body to use, prior to birth, it is bound to that body until the body’s permanent death.