3 Quick Ways to Get Grounded in Body and Soul 316x188pxDid you know that most people are not fully present for their life experience?

When you feel unfocused, inconsistent energy, disconnected or a difficulty manifesting something, it’s likely you are ungrounded.

Being ungrounded means that your consciousness is not fully present for your life experience.

Important opportunities are missed when we are ungrounded and it affects our health, our personal power and our soul’s destiny. Do you:

How-to-coach-yourself-through-anything-in-2-stepsHave you been wondering how you can coach yourself through your own challenges? Life is tough and being able to help yourself is extremely empowering.

This may be something you’ve considered if, 1. You believe you can get yourself through any obstacle. 2. You don’t want to pay someone to help you. 3. You are not yet comfortable sharing vulnerable parts of yourself with another person. Or, 4. You already work with a coach but there are times that you need to help yourself between coaching sessions.

Whatever your reason for wanting to coach yourself, the biggest question is HOW to do it effectively.

I am going to peel back the curtain for you to get my simple approach to coaching right now! You can lead yourself through this at any time.

#1 Step into the Soul-Based Observer

JasonNelsonSpiritualHealingArticle325x415Spiritual healing literally means healing by spirit, by a higher power. Spirit has so many names and forms, so please imagine what it is for you and think of it as you use the five simple steps for spiritual healing.

Spiritual healing is the most accessible and powerful type of healing for two reasons:

One: We are always surrounded by our spiritual guidance, therefore spirit’s love and healing is here for us in every moment.

Two: Spirit’s power to transform our life can be immediate and infinite.

Healing can occur in many ways physically, emotionally and mentally. To have a more direct and profound healing experience, personal transformation is essential. We want to dissolve the resistance between us and other people, which includes being honest and transparent with everyone. By doing this, we become closer with spirit. Feeling safe with spirit is the doorway to receiving abundant love, support and healing from our spiritual guidance.

In this video I guide you through the 4 steps to automatic writing or channeled writing.

With automatic writing you can receive messages, guidance and physical, emotional and mental healing.

Grab your pen and paper or keyboard and computer, and here we go…

Make the Law of Attraction Work to Manifest Your Souls Purpose316x188 This video lesson will show you how to make the Law of Attraction work every time to manifest your soul’s purpose.

Your subconscious mind and soul’s purpose are two essential, and rarely talked about, aspects of the Law of Attraction that you must understand to achieve the greatest success possible.

In this video lesson:

• Law of Attraction defined
• Why the law of attraction doesn’t always work - what was missing from the movie “The Secret”
• Getting the conscious and subconscious mind on the same page
• Creating what’s in alignment with your soul’s purpose
• The difference between our soul and our personality
• Why you have spiritual guidance and what they do
• Getting into the “flow” of life
• Making the Law of Attraction work for you