Activate Agelessness and Miraculous HealingBook Excerpt from the chapter Realizing Full Consciousness from Empower Our Children, a follow-up to the most recent article Introduction to Full Consciousness

The very reason you think what you think, do what you do and feel what you feel is a result of your programmed mind.

It can be liberating to know that even when you feel out of control you are operating from a belief that desires to be reactive.

The great news is if beliefs were programmed into your mind you do not desire, you may reprogram them with beliefs you do desire.

You Always Have Choice.

The main difference between the two responses is that with instinctual responses it seems you do not have a choice of your response regarding a situation, and with chosen responses it seems you do have a choice.

Your goal is for every response to be chosen.

Introduction to Full ConsciousnessBook Excerpt from the chapter Realizing Full Consciousness from Empower Our Children

Full consciousness is a foreseen evolutionary step for humanity, and will happen for many by the turn of the century. Once you reach full consciousness almost anything will be possible.

You will witness:

  • Telekinesis: the movement of physical matter with your mind.
  • Telepathy: intuitive communication.
  • Self-healing: your ability to heal yourself, even though there will be no need for healing, other than accidents or environmental effects on your body.
  • Materialization: when objects are created out of unseen energy abundant and accessible everywhere in the Universe.
  • Dematerialization: the breaking down of matter to its fundamental energetic particles.
  • Teleportation: matter being pushed through a window, if you will, of energy to another location. The matter doesn’t so much move as the energetic window moves around the matter causing the appearance of it to disappear and reappear in another location.

So how do you reach full consciousness?

World Peace Inner PeaceWhat do we want more than anything? For most people, it's peace, love and wellbeing.

The notion of our experience of the world around us being a reflection of what is inside of us is widely used in the self-help industry. Many call this idea the mirror metaphor based on our world outside mirroring our internal world. God talks about this concept directly and indirectly in my books Age of the Soul and Empower Our Children (due for release Oct. 15th).

With all of the colorful visions people have shared about the 2012 changes, God felt this excerpt from my upcoming book would be a great perspective to add to them, in the hopes of contributing to your understanding of this amazing time we are in. After the passage, God expands on its meaning, and then I share my thoughts about it.

By the way, the Source speaks to me in my mind, in real time; I hear it as I write it. This process has been called automatic writing or channeling. We are all born with the capacity to speak to our God and spirits guiding and supporting our life journey. It is not for a select few. It is meant for everyone, truly.

Increase Your God SenseI want to share with you an experience I recently had to illuminate the practical side of spiritual communication as well as how grounded it can be.

A new spirit guide identified himself to me as Karmon and went on to create a personal connection by explaining how he came into my life, his distinct purpose now with me, and why he was presenting himself now versus at some other point in time. He spoke through me for forty-five minutes detailing seven key aspects of my October fifteenth book launch, and that he would oversee and advise my team on this project.

By humanizing spiritual guidance in a personable human-type way, the bond between us and Spirit is somehow more “real” to us and quite possibly to them. It permits the experience to appear more grounded and tangible. My experience with Karmon sparked a thought of a passage from my new book Empower Our Children: God’s Call to Parents, How to Heal Yourself and Your Children.

What Is Love AnywayLove can have as many meanings as there are people on this planet.

I want to share some words from my Divinely communicated book: Empowering Our Children: God's Call to Parents, How to Heal Yourself and Your Children. Here is the passage:

“Make an announcement to all who come into your life that you will accept them no matter who they are, how they feel and think, what they look like and what they choose for their lives. This declaration is the unconditional acceptance that lies within you and everyone on this planet. Seize it now! Believe you can love and watch your world transform.