Spiritual Life Coach and Author Jason Nelson

Connect to Your Peace, Power and Purpose!

Did you know you have your own Direct Connection to your soul and spirit? You have this ability now, and Jason will show you how to tap into this power to heal and manifest your purpose!

Jason Nelson is a clear intuitive and voice for spiritual guidance. But more than that, with his Universal Process, he empowers you with your own connection to resolve financial, relationship, business or health issues, fears and frustrations.

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It saved me years of my life by putting me on path. -Ellen, Spa Owner

You make it so simple for people, no muss , no fuss! Thanks Jason -Indigo

It's like what you go to church for but never find: the wellspring of unconditional love. -Kimberly

I have truly had a transformational two months since the last class and my private session. -Carolyn, Pharmacist

You've made me remember who I was...as a child. -Veronica R.

Thank you for helping me become a more happier and loving person. -Rachel G.

There was a real shift in my life spiritually when I encountered Jason. -Drew Larimore, Writer

Everything I have studied clicked together after Jason Nelson's class. -Aliza, LICAC

I would recommend anybody hire Jason who is looking to heal! -Brad www.cowabungalife.com

I was confused and stressed out...the first session helped me to clarify my true heart's desires. -Juliana, MD

Every session is a profound shift for me...I've never felt so happy and purposeful. –JoAllan

Jason really can make miracles happen...I’ve been on the receiving end hundreds of times.–Mia www.soul-licious.com

I’ve been a client of Jason’s. It’s profound. It’s transformative...absolutely authentic.–Marci Shimoff www.thelovebook.com

Incredibly powerful and clear process of how to connect to your spirit. -Toni www.ascendedliving.com

His amazing depth of perception and healing are unbelievable. -Jean, Retiree