How to Interpret Spiritual VisionsOut of all of our intuitive qualities, intuitive seeing is the quality that makes life magical. Without intuitive seeing we would have a level of awe and lore taken away. Life would seem bland and plain.

By visualizing our goals and believing in them, they manifest incredibly stronger than otherwise.

There are visions in our minds right now. There must be, for our inner vision is co-creating our reality along with our other three intuitive qualities of hearing, feeling and knowing.

We create our desires with our visions and we also receive information from our spiritual guidance through visions.

The goal is to align our human desires with our higher spiritual visions to create our soul’s purpose. Like intuitive seeing, our other three intuitive qualities may be used to receive information from Spirit as well as create our human desires.

In most cases, to interpret the significance of a vision, we must use one of the other three intuitive qualities. If we have a vision in our sleep, it is because it’s easier for Spirit to share with us during our sleep, when the mind is not in the way, versus when we are awake. Spiritual visions help us understand our current, past and future life experiences.

When you receive visions, embrace them and whatever emotions they may stir up in you. Manipulating visions received by Spirit does not serve you. It interrupts the clear message being sent.

Below is a technique you can practice to help you interpret your visions. Understanding your visions helps you see your purpose with clarity and better manifest it.

3 Step Method for Vision Interpretation

  1. BREATHE — (BREATHE IN) and feel yourself connect to your center, the spirit within you.

  2. RELEASE — (BREATHE OUT) and expand yourself to create more room for the connection to your spirit. Surrender everything mentally (thoughts), emotionally (feelings) and physically (relax the body) that is not serving your highest purpose in this moment. Continue surrendering.

  3. IMAGINE — (CONTINUE BREATHING) your vision. Use your intuitive seeing quality to recall a vision that you would like to interpret. Open your intuition to imagine the meaning of the vision. If you were to imagine what the vision wants to share with you, what would you imagine? If the vision had a voice, what would you imagine it to say? If it had a message, what would you imagine it to be?

You can also practice opening your intuitive seeing quality through the following suggestions:

  • Admire the beauty of everything around you, such as art and nature. Stare at the intricacies of the world around you and see how necessary the beauty of your surroundings is to your outlook on life.

  • When you shop for food, like produce, choose it by how it looks. When shopping for clothes, choose them by how they look on you.

  • Always look beautiful or handsome, and look at yourself in the mirror and admire your beauty and charm.

  • Take on hobbies that have to do with your seeing quality like painting, knitting, gardening or anything where you are visualizing the end result and creating it.

  • Lay down once a day and take a journey. Start with something simple. Imagine getting up and walking around the house or doing things at work. Imagine yourself at your favorite spots in nature and create new, special places in nature.

Once you start practicing these exercises, you may begin to see vibrations, colors in auras, foresee the future, receive future prophecy, and much more. You will open yourself up to a whole new perspective of the world!

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#44 J t 2020-06-08 19:53
My latest vision was four horsemen standing on top a watch tower with a blood red sky behind them.
#43 Tiffaney Norvaisas 2018-04-08 16:03
Had a vision of 3 white monkeys that turned into 3 people thrusting in a line then a huge tiger over the top of them with head down on the licking I think. What does that mean.
#42 Diana 2018-01-06 13:48
Since 3 days after christmas, daily, wgen it gets dark 9utside, like 5:30 p.m., I see a woman with a young girl (like 11 - 13)outside my front picture window. She sits on some rocks outside the window with the girl, staring at me. Her face and the girl's are black. I called my husband to see. He said he sees nothing, it is in my mind. But they are real to me. I shut the blinds. What does this mean?
#41 Melody Lindell 2017-07-02 15:50
How do you know who the vision represents if you only see an arm?
#40 gina 2017-02-26 23:26
I saw a vision of a forest it was so real like I was there I could smell the fresh aroma of trees and even the rainy aroma.What does this mean
#39 victory 2016-08-31 04:10
please my mum had a vision in a trance..she saw me wearing my countries national flag, what does it mean?
#38 Anthony Benton 2016-08-15 16:25
Was in church praying at the alter seen very calm water and ahead of me was a mountain covered with trees it eas late in the evening as the sun was setting behind the mountain there was a soft glow around the top of the mountain.....not sure of the meaning the vision was very brief
#37 Sharon Short 2016-04-13 05:37
I ve had a few visions, that dont make sense.The first i see a indigo blue sky and then a woman in a black long spotted skirt only the bottom half thou,and today i see a creamy white card with black writting on it.I asked what is was and was told a certificate.I have only opened up to spirtit properly in the last year.
#36 Kira 2016-03-23 13:42
my fiancé and I have both had visions of our house on fire I've seen it 2 times within the last few weeks and just blew it off thinking nothing of it until he said that as he was walking yesterday he got a vision of the house is ash.. does anyone have any insight on this? I'm a little worried!
#35 Aaron 2016-03-21 20:09
I don't know if you ever heard or experienced something like this, but since it bugs my mind very much, I try my luck, because I haven't found any exact answer yet.

Last summer I was chilling at my friend's place. During the evening, without any alcohol or drug, suddenly I started to feel kinda too relaxed. It was like my mind was going somewhere else, even though we were in the middle of a video game.
Within maybe like 5 minutes, my third chakra just started to get real wide, warm, even though I didn't try to use it. There was a mirror next to me, and I felt like I had to look in it for a bit, and within a few seconds, in the mirror I kinda seen a "vision" appearing on my forehead. It was kinda like a glowing, brighter green pyramid picture, with a person next to it, and the sun above and a little to the right.
I never use drugs, sometimes I drink some alcohol, but never too much, and that evening I didn't even had a sip of a wine or anything.

Could you maybe tell me if you know, what it could have been?

Thank you for your time.