Activate Agelessness and Miraculous HealingBook Excerpt from the chapter Realizing Full Consciousness from Empower Our Children, a follow-up to the most recent article Introduction to Full Consciousness

The very reason you think what you think, do what you do and feel what you feel is a result of your programmed mind.

It can be liberating to know that even when you feel out of control you are operating from a belief that desires to be reactive.

The great news is if beliefs were programmed into your mind you do not desire, you may reprogram them with beliefs you do desire.

You Always Have Choice.

The main difference between the two responses is that with instinctual responses it seems you do not have a choice of your response regarding a situation, and with chosen responses it seems you do have a choice.

Your goal is for every response to be chosen.

  • If at any time you feel you are reacting to a situation instead of freely observing it, please look within and find the belief creating your instinctual reaction.
  • When you tell a child that they are good, please listen within to what your beliefs are regarding good.
  • When you tell a child they are bad, please also listen inside to what your interpretation and beliefs are about bad.
  • Be aware of every belief you have and go further to see if your beliefs create instinctual or chosen responses.
  • What are you doing and why are you doing it? These are questions you should continually ask yourself.

This means that every breath you breathe, every word you speak, every tear you shed is chosen.

This does not mean you will be blocking yourself. It means you will be observing your every response from a place deep within you, deciding what you will do next.

You will choose how to interact with life, even to the very essence of bodily functions. By observing your bodily functions you will train yourself to be aware of instinctual responses. This is because many bodily functions are instinctual responses.

There was a point in history when it was common for a human to develop their mind to the point they chose life or chose death. These individuals—wise men, sages, prophets and magicians (in the real sense)—would often leave people bewildered because they mastered the things I have spoken about, such as agelessness where the rate of physical aging slows or stops altogether, and miraculous healings where one is instantly, completely healed.

I will teach you how to focus and become aware of every belief as well as things that are not in your direct vicinity. The possibilities are endless, or at least seemingly endless and abundant.

  • You may master yourself to the point that you choose whether someone comes into your life or you choose they do not.
  • You will be aware of things before they happen and choose if you desire them to happen or not. You will be able to choose to eat or to manifest nourishment directly into your body without food.
  • You will choose to die or choose to live.

As a result, your children will recognize the power that lies within them as creators.

Action Steps:
Share and help others in the community by answering any or all of these questions -

  1. What is a situation in your life that you would like to shift from reaction to observation? Visualize responding differently to that situation and how it feels.
  2. What are your beliefs around what is good?
  3. What are your beliefs around what is bad?


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