Introduction to Full ConsciousnessBook Excerpt from the chapter Realizing Full Consciousness from Empower Our Children

Full consciousness is a foreseen evolutionary step for humanity, and will happen for many by the turn of the century. Once you reach full consciousness almost anything will be possible.

You will witness:

  • Telekinesis: the movement of physical matter with your mind.
  • Telepathy: intuitive communication.
  • Self-healing: your ability to heal yourself, even though there will be no need for healing, other than accidents or environmental effects on your body.
  • Materialization: when objects are created out of unseen energy abundant and accessible everywhere in the Universe.
  • Dematerialization: the breaking down of matter to its fundamental energetic particles.
  • Teleportation: matter being pushed through a window, if you will, of energy to another location. The matter doesn’t so much move as the energetic window moves around the matter causing the appearance of it to disappear and reappear in another location.

So how do you reach full consciousness?

First, understand that your life has been compiled of useful information stored in your physical brain and mental field, both of which comprise the mind. Information is referenced in two ways, through instinctual responses and chosen responses.

When information is accessed in your mind and you instinctually respond, it gives you the experience of being reactive.

Chosen responses produce actions that you consciously choose. These chosen responses symbolize you in the driver’s seat of your life experience.

The main difference between the two responses is that with:

  • Instinctual responses: it seems you do not have a choice of your response regarding a situa­tion.
  • Chosen responses: it seems you do have a choice.

The reality, however, is that you always have a choice.

Through mental advancement you may recreate your mind to hold and access only chosen responses. This is called full consciousness.

It will be more common to materialize, dematerialize and teleport matter such as objects, food, water and any other thing one chooses to have disappear or appear out of thin air—even people. Your intention to teleport, build or disassemble matter will determine the method of energy manipulation used. All of the above abilities are possible with full consciousness.

If this sounds a bit farfetched to you, please know that some of the phenomena have been scientifically observed for decades. Quantum physics has shown how your conscious observation of matter affects it.

The list of abilities one attains from a full consciousness is staggering. The most important attribute, from the standpoint of souls and the Source of your creation, is the ability to move independently in your world with an unconditional acceptance for one another. When this happens, the world’s vision of children born and raised in a harmonious, soul-based world will be realized.

The world I speak about is already here.

Now see it . . . feel it . . . hear it . . . know it.

You can experience it and be a shining example of soul-based living. Join together and seize the abilities of your soul!

Action Steps:

  1. Share with the community by commenting below: Which of the full consciousness abilities or happenings are you most interested to you and why?
  2. You can begin realizing full consciousness by being aware of your chosen and instinctual responses. For a list, and more in-depth information, order your copy of Empower Our Children .
  3. Then, be conscious of the choices you are making. Identify when you are reacting and when you are responding from a neutral, chosen state of being.


© 2015 Jason Nelson

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#3 Jason Nelson 2013-06-20 19:12
Great point Mia. The soul is in every moment tapping us on the shoulder, guiding and speaking to us. For those who are sensitive, they can experience it as a longing or hunger for the "supernatural".
#2 Win 2013-06-18 17:17
Another great example of the reactive mind and its limitations is illustrated in the film "People VS the State of Illusion" by Austin Vickers, a trial lawyer who has worked in psychology. Yes we can all change our reactive habits by forming new habits of our own design. According to Austin Vickers, the way to illuminate the reactive mind is this. Look at the PROCESS, not the CONTENT. Look at your process, not at the content. The reactive mind, as you say, responds in an instinctual and primitive way to the stimulus in the environmemt and reacts, being led by the circumstancs instead of controlling your choice of responses to 'soul-based' response. Instead of looking at the event or content of what is happening, look at the PROCESS that happens within you mind. We acquire through years of habit and learning, the way we react to given stimuli, or events or people. Why did I react this way? Why did what this person said push my buttons? When you can identify the process that you mind goes though in each situation, then you can choose to alter your response. It is not the content it is your process. Change your process, choose to form a new habitual way of reacting and you are no longer reactive, you are in command you yourself and can operate from a higher intention.
#1 Mia Caruso 2013-06-17 14:22
Hello Jason,

Thank you so much for this beautiful and informative look at the "supernatural" in our spiritual world and on our evolutionary path.

I have a quick question for you. Do you think that our main stream "obsession" with things supernatural in books, movies, video games etc., has any root in our untapped Spiritual Hunger for more authentic "supernatural" in our own everyday lives?

I'd love your thoughts on that.