Awakening Your Inner Child Part IIAs you enter into a discovery of the child within, you enter into a deeper understanding of your soul’s nature, because what determines the degree of awakening of your inner child is truly the revealment of your soul in physical form.

You were born with the expression or light of your soul shining so bright through the little eyes of a baby. And as the baby grows into a child, an adolescent, and adult, the innocent eyes become colored.

What is meant by colored? The colors that overlay the inner child, or in other words soul expression, are the beliefs and stories learned from adults, and most importantly parents.

  1. Hold on to nothing so you may receive everything. Let go of your attachments or desires to ‘need’ to have things a certain way in your life. That permits you to be fully present with each moment as each moment changes. Awakening the inner child is awakening this presence for each moment of your life because the inner child is in the present moment. The soul’s nature is to be completely grounded and present for its life experience.


  2. Go forth in your days finding meaning and inspiration in ways that you might normally not. Because through a child’s eyes one sees all things grand, without the judgment that there are small things and big things, because all things within the child’s experience of life in each moment are super meaningful.


  3. Find ways to observe life from a neutral viewpoint, without spinning experiences as positive or negative, right or wrong, good or bad. In the neutrality of observation one is able to become more present in their soul.


These three qualities of the inner child, of the soul experience in physical form, will bring to you the satisfaction, peace and absolute joy that children know and feel. Let the light of your inner child become bright so it may be seen by all, and all may be uplifted and transformed into who they truly are!

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#1 Ana 2012-09-08 23:44
Thank you, Jason. I'm working on it.

I want to share with you my personal work with smiling. I am learning that you can't be frustrated or mad with a smile. Just the fact of smiling seems to put me in a more present and positive space no matter the craziness around me. A quote from a recent movie takes me there quickly "smile, smile all the way down to your liver". Cool, eh? :-)