Awakening Your Inner Child Part IThere is a child within us all, wanting our attention. This inner child is the heart of our spiritual selves, it is the untainted, loving, innocent part of ourselves.

If you were to think back to the times where you felt and experienced your innocence, the love, the heart of your soul. . . you would notice peace, inspiration and excitement.

There is a whole world waiting to be rediscovered within our inner child, and it is here for you. . . right now.

Open your mind to the possibility that the part of you, the part of all of us that we have suppressed or judged, to some degree or another, is ready to be unleashed and fully expressed.

It begins with accepting your imagination . . .because if you open up to your imagination, you open up not only to your creativity but also to your inner child, your soul and all of the capabilities of your spiritual self.

These powers include intuition (your inner compass), divine communication, healing and manifesting- your reason for being alive today. You have a very important purpose. The most peaceful and powerful way to manifest your purpose is through accepting your imagination as a portal for your inner child to express itself and interact with this wonderful world of infinite possibilities.

Welcome to your greatest accomplishment, the awakening and rediscovery of your inner self, the inner child.


© 2015 Jason Nelson

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#8 Jason Nelson 2012-04-16 17:44
Comment reply from Jason:
Hi David,

Thank you for your thoughts. “Inner child” is a term used in many contexts. In this case, the context of inner child essentially means the expression of one’s soul, purity and love that is our very nature; it is the core of who we are at the deepest level. The goal is to reawaken to our innate loving nature, that we all had as young children.

As children we experience many imbalanced situations that shows us the world is not a safe place. As a result, we develop many living mechanisms to carry us through. What I am proposing in this article is to notice the voice inside that is our loving, spiritual nature—the inner child; it is the one who wants to be fully expressed.

Remember the inner child will give you balanced feelings of peace, inspiration and love. Therapy and coaching is a great space to explore and reveal the inner child in a safe, nonjudgmental environment. If you need help doing this, I am happy to speak with you about working with you in personal sessions.
#7 David bentley 2012-04-06 00:11
Why should you have to awaken your inner child. Surely your inner child is wide awake and is making decisions for you 24/7 based on its perceptions in it's forming years. Lots of those decisions made on untruths and misunderstanding of events now leading to ill health, mental and physical and all kinds of social trouble. Do you mean contact your inner child and sort out it's problems? If you contact your inner child and it's full of bad to terrible ideas and it takes over from your conscious awareness and gets you into serious trouble. What then. Isn't it best to awaken your inner child in the presence of a very good therapist and only then.
#6 Jason Nelson 2012-04-02 17:09
Comments from Jason:

Thank you everyone, I am glad you enjoyed it. Andrea and Theresa- I am excited to see what the next parts are too.

Linayah, angel lady, you are very connected to your inner child and being around children is the best way to connect all of us.

Wow Chakravuth, I love what you shared and your conclusion of trying to understand and honor your feelings. That's one of the most important things we can do, is to really understand ourselves. It's wonderful to allow your creativity to flow and ideas to flow through you; you are a Creator. It's important to stay very present in the moment so that you can create from a very grounded place. The future is a wonderful place to set our goals and then work backwards and decide what to do in the present moment to reach them.

Ana, I love that you are already connected to your childlike nature and strive to come from and spend time in that magical place. Truly the child in us is our place of great creation. I too look to participate in activities that inspire me and surround myself with the people, places and things that support play and infinite possibilities. I would like to hear more about what you do with child advocacy, I have a book coming out later this year called Empowering Our Children. Children are truly our future and are here to teach all of us how to live from the nature of our souls. Contact me directly anytime with information about how you empower children through your career and how I may support you!
#5 Ana 2012-03-29 20:20
The timing of this message is impeccable. Surely, you are not surprised. you have touched on something I have been working with this year.....experiencing my inner joy and innocence. I am very extremely playful and childlike and relish in that. But lately I've been feeling that pang/angst of adult life and responsibilities. My new year's resolution was to do those things that make me feel childlike joy---the un-"adult"erated joy and innocence that I get playing in nature, bogey boarding (there is nothing like the ocean to make you feel this), skiing, meditating or just being alone, quietly, letting the day create itself. More recently, without understanding why or that it was in any way connected to my resolution, I have set limits on certain activities such as t.v., political discourse, negative talk. Why? Clearly b/c that behavior drains my child, hurts my idealistic, all is possible and grand child. Ironically, my career is child advocacy, and I am learning to how critical it is for me to advocate for my own inner child and create a thriving environment for me. Thanks for taking the time to help me connecting these dots.
#4 Chakravuth 2012-03-29 12:02
I spend a lot of time daydreaming, imagining and thinking of things to create both in my everyday life and artistically. The times when I do this most is when I'm driving, and walking around somewhere. There are times when I get these feelings, I guess they can be compared to nostalgia, and I get so inspired. These frequent feelings I get don't make me yearn for the past but more so for the moment and even possibly the future. Is that nostalgia too? I've tried to understand these feelings better and to make them last more than the moments they occur in. After reading this article you wrote it got thinking that this might be my inner child "waiting" to come out. Waiting is a keyword I can best describe my actions towards how I've reacted to it. It may not be the best action for a lot of things, but when these feelings arose before, I found my self waiting for something to happen. Now knowing it maybe my inner child wanting to come out, I can freely try to understand and honor my feelings a little better. Thank you Jason!
#3 Linayah 2012-03-29 09:06
Thank you Jason. As you know, this resonates so much with me. This is so much the core of our very being and if we can let our inner child come out to play and experiece life in his/her way, all does bring 'infinite possibilites.' I just spent 4 days with my granchildren (little one turned one) and being with them and seeing from their world is awesome. Thank you for this - beautiful!
#2 theresa 2012-03-29 06:39
It is awesome that Spirit has brought this out Jason.. I can't wait to read it in full.
#1 andrea 2012-03-29 04:56
This is a beautiful message Jason.