JasonNelsonSpiritualHealingArticle325x415Spiritual healing literally means healing by spirit, by a higher power. Spirit has so many names and forms, so please imagine what it is for you and think of it as you use the five simple steps for spiritual healing.

Spiritual healing is the most accessible and powerful type of healing for two reasons:

One: We are always surrounded by our spiritual guidance, therefore spirit’s love and healing is here for us in every moment.

Two: Spirit’s power to transform our life can be immediate and infinite.

Healing can occur in many ways physically, emotionally and mentally. To have a more direct and profound healing experience, personal transformation is essential. We want to dissolve the resistance between us and other people, which includes being honest and transparent with everyone. By doing this, we become closer with spirit. Feeling safe with spirit is the doorway to receiving abundant love, support and healing from our spiritual guidance.

Our spiritual guidance knows everything about our past, present and most beneficial future path so that they may guide and heal us for our highest benefit.

Open up to spiritual healing in 5 simple steps:

1. Intend. Comfortably sit up or lie down and close your eyes. Breathe in and feel yourself connect to your body and soul, and become aware of your intention for healing.

2. Release. Breathe out and release any thoughts and emotions, and relax your body. Let go of control so that spirit may come in to heal you and serve your highest benefit.

3. Expand. Imagine yourself expanding beyond the walls of the room, the building, the city, the Earth. Feel yourself expand to make room for the spiritual healing to take place.

4. Surrender. Imagine surrendering to your higher power coming in to your body to heal you. Feel the physical sensation of energies moving within you.

5. Allow. Allow the energy to move wherever it needs to move within and around you. If thoughts come up and you begin to cry, allow them to flow and be released. Stay in the healing energies of spirit for as long as the energy wishes to assist you. Give yourself the space and time to rest and listen to your body’s intuition. You are healing with spirit!

You may feel the spiritual healing as subtle or profound, and sometimes when the healing takes place it is not apparent at first…so trust it’s happening. It’s important to trust that each time we surrender to our spiritual guidance to heal our life, our life is healed in some way. The more trust we have, the more apparent the healing will be.

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#1 Jewel Levant 2015-07-04 11:14
Most people are so grounded in everyday busy life. When they meet difficult situations they are completly lost. They just have to hear the answers from their inner sacred parts and they will find solutions and peace. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.