How to Fulfill Your PurposeBoth our soul and the spiritual guiding forces in our life, or in other words ‘Spirit’, have a commitment and interest in putting the fulfillment of our life purpose as their priority.

Therefore, any time that our human personality chooses, with our Free Will, to make fulfilling our purpose the ultimate priority, we position ourselves into 100% alignment with the divine guiding forces in our life.

This as you can probably imagine would serve you, having abundant Universal support where doors open more effortlessly and the steps you take each day feel more meaningful.

Our soul’s capacity to absorb experiences in each moment of life is astounding and unlimited. Though our personality has a limit to what it can absorb and integrate each day emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Therefore, you want to use your time and energy as a human being in the most productive way to uplift and move forward YOUR PURPOSE.

Let’s talk about the best way to maintain a balanced energy that supports and fulfills your purpose. The point of the following exercise is to get you thinking and feeling about how important it is to you to fulfill your purpose each day and over the span of your life. Because. . .

Your purpose is your very reason for existing as a Spirit in physical form.

Grab Your Journal For These Questions:

  1. How important is it to you to fulfill your purpose, both on a micro moment-to-moment level and a macro lifetime level?

  2. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being, putting the fulfillment of your purpose as your biggest priority above and beyond everyone and everything, what number between 1 and 10, would you rate your desire and commitment to fulfill your purpose?

    Take a deep breath into this question. The first number between 1 and 10 that comes to your mind, write it down in your journal.

  3. On the same scale of 1 to 10, what number would you like it to be? Please breathe deeply into this question and honestly write that number down.

Purpose includes so much. In fact, it is all-inclusive of every aspect of our life. Because when we are on purpose, we are interacting with the people, places and things that serve our soul’s greater goals in this life. Surrounding ourselves with the people, places and things that inspire, uplift and deepen the spiritual goals our soul created, even before we were born, our energy and time is best utilized because it serves these greater goals.

For example, think of a rubber hose one might use to water rose bushes in a corner of their yard. There is an amount of time and energy, illustrated here as the water, to complete the task of watering the roses. If the rubber hose has holes in it, it leaks, wasting time and energy. It takes more energy and time to accomplish the same goal than it would if it didn’t have leaks.

Now think of the time and energy that is wasted or unnecessarily used when you interact with people, places and things that do not serve your soul’s greater goals in this life. It takes more time to fulfill your primary goals, and in some cases goals may not be completed at all, as a result of spending time and energy in places that are not serving your higher life purpose.

I hope this illustration helps to paint a picture because the idea of maximizing our time and energy is possibly the most important concept to aid us in completing our spiritual goals in this life.

So What Does This Actually Mean?

  • It means it may be time to let people go and invite new people in.
  • It may also be time to let go of things and invite new things into your life.
  • There may also be a change in location or the places that you visit, whether it’s a grocery store, shopping mall, after-work hangout, friend’s home or the actual town you live in.

What I’m talking about here is FIRST living by purpose and SECOND living by the desires and comforts of our personality.

Putting our purpose as the number one priority isn’t always comfortable or desirable. You can be sure that at times it will be uncomfortable and undesirable because part of our spiritual goals is spiritual growth.

Our soul truly thrives through witnessing our transformation from ego-based living to soul-based living. In other words, our soul celebrates our precious evolution into living from our authentic spiritual selves.

When we make that sometimes challenging conscious decision to do whatever it takes to align ourselves with the people, places and things that inspire and lift us into our higher calling – abundance and the manifestation of our purpose organically, naturally happens.

Does this make sense? Please share your experiences from this article below.


© 2015 Jason Nelson

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#2 Jason Nelson 2013-02-16 18:31
Comment by Jason Nelson:
Great question Mc A. It is difficult to let go of the people that are not lifting us up and are even holding us back. I release the people from your life in a way that is harmonious with your total life experience. Meaning, that it will depend on the situation and other circumstances in your life. For instance, if family is not supportive but one is fifteen and requires them to survive and depend upon, then completely letting them go is not the most harmonious way. There is a balance to everything and always take into account the greater balance of your entire life when making such a decision to release loved ones who are not lifting you up. You may simply decrease your interaction or interact on your terms. Let your heart and soul guide you.
#1 McA 2013-01-22 22:25
It makes sense to align ourselves with people that inspire our higher calling and to let go of those who don't. The difficulty I'm having with this is how you let go of family if they do not inspire and lift us to our higher calling (perhaps it's the ego that is having the difficulty).