Living From The Soul In The 21st CenturyEveryone’s deepest soul desire, even if they are unaware of it, is to love and be loved. Living from the soul or soul-based living is an experience where one sees through the eyes of their soul. We will understand what living from our soul in the twenty-first century means and how to achieve it.

The mystics have sought enlightenment for eons. When we are connected with our soul, the light of our soul enlightens everything that we do.

Living from our soul gives us peace and harmony with our relationships, the ability to create and manifest our highest purpose so we may receive abundantly from the universe, and permanent inner passion that transcends the temporary fixes we find externally.

Every moment we choose to live from the nature of our soul or from the ego (not from the nature of our soul). When our choices are ego-based, we are rigid and unbending creating a desire to be right. This bounds us to a direction, whether the direction benefits our higher purpose or not. When our choices are soul-based, we are humble with the freedom to listen and be receptive, as well as change our course of action to something unexpected. Being aware of our choices, gives us the power to make soul-based choices aligning us with our highest life purpose.

Use the two column list below as a compass to guide you into a deeper experience of your soul. Look to each relationship and major experience in your life to discern if they are soul-based or ego-based. Examine how to change the ego-based experiences to soul-based ones and begin stepping into your soul one experience at a time.

Soul-Based Living vs Ego-Based Living

Unconditional Love
Conditional Love
Conditional Acceptance

Connecting to our soul or spirit is easier and more tangible than many believe it to be. It requires awareness, patience and acceptance. Celebrating our experiences equally, whether they are soul-based or ego-based, is the first step to self-love and living from the nature of our soul. Indeed this celebration is the catalyst spawning the new era of humanity: The Age of The Soul.


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