World Peace Inner PeaceWhat do we want more than anything? For most people, it's peace, love and wellbeing.

The notion of our experience of the world around us being a reflection of what is inside of us is widely used in the self-help industry. Many call this idea the mirror metaphor based on our world outside mirroring our internal world. God talks about this concept directly and indirectly in my books Age of the Soul and Empower Our Children (due for release Oct. 15th).

With all of the colorful visions people have shared about the 2012 changes, God felt this excerpt from my upcoming book would be a great perspective to add to them, in the hopes of contributing to your understanding of this amazing time we are in. After the passage, God expands on its meaning, and then I share my thoughts about it.

By the way, the Source speaks to me in my mind, in real time; I hear it as I write it. This process has been called automatic writing or channeling. We are all born with the capacity to speak to our God and spirits guiding and supporting our life journey. It is not for a select few. It is meant for everyone, truly.

The book passage reads: “You are part of a revolution. This revolution has been talked about for ages. Did you think that it was going to be a war as some have thought? Symbolically it is a war. You are in the middle of a world war, but the war is not external, it is happening inside. Your perspective of the outer reality is simply a reflection of what is happening inside of you this instant. Realize you cannot win the wars between countries and religions until you face the wars going on within you right now.” - Empower Our Children, Chapter 16: New Paradigm of Education

God’s Message: “So often humanity attempts to pacify their insatiable subconscious belief systems through external distractions and rationalization. Such patterns of thought portray a world where others are responsible for one’s own happiness and wellbeing. In a way, these belief systems position the believer into a 'no-win' experience, for as long as love and acceptance of one’s self and life experience are governed by external stimuli and circumstances, one will be in the cycle of suffering that has harmed this world’s people, adults and children, for millennia.

You are in a revolution that, by its very nature, compels you to take responsibility for your life experience, accept it, and own that it is your sovereign right as a soul in physical form to change your circumstances to what you decide.

Universe, energy, frequencies, consciousness, vibrations, spiritual assistance (God, Spirit, Angels)—or whatever you call the spiritual forces aiding you—are guiding civilization at this time into a loving, soul-based existence versus a judgmental, ego-based existence. These loving spiritual forces are pulling to the surface, more than ever, the belief systems that do not agree with inner peace, power and purpose, so that you may have the opportunity to change them.

This is uncomfortable for many and quite literally feels like a conflict of self within self, figuratively speaking—a war. But you have the power to end the wars inside.

This revolution of consciousness, called by many names by many people, but all referring to the same event in time, is here supported by a higher spiritual guiding power to guarantee your success, and for that matter this world's success, in creating world peace through individually achieving inner peace. Each conflict or battle you face within yourself will be a battle or conflict that more deeply harmonizes externally in the world around you. Rather than look to appease the discomfort inside through outer distractions and excuses, responsibly calm inner conflict by addressing inner conflict. Then you wield the power of powers to bring a blanket of peace to this planet.”

Jason’s Commentary: My experience with my spiritual life coaching clients over the past ten years has taught me that those who really, deeply, choose the path of personal transformation, choose a challenging path. Life is already challenging, so what do we gain by actively walking this path? When we face the truth of who we are, beneath the surface, we choose to connect with our eternal soul. This contact is so special; words do not measure its benefit and the feeling of safety and love we obtain. Our soul is waiting for us to connect within and become one with it. This unification of soul and personality is the essence of soul-based living, living from the nature of our spiritual existence.

Take your next step into deeper soul connection and inner peace by asking: How can I see myself more truly and clearly?

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#3 Vanessa 2013-04-09 17:26
So awesome and helpful thank you :-)
#2 Aliza 2012-09-15 01:11
Hi Jason,
Bring on.... inner self-truth and clarity for all around the world and especially here in Israel.
Lots of love, Aliza
#1 renuka senthil 2012-08-22 23:24
Respected sir,
First, Thank you very much for this useful and valuable post.I am sure now I am trying to bring my inner peace.Once again Thank you.