Increase Your God SenseI want to share with you an experience I recently had to illuminate the practical side of spiritual communication as well as how grounded it can be.

A new spirit guide identified himself to me as Karmon and went on to create a personal connection by explaining how he came into my life, his distinct purpose now with me, and why he was presenting himself now versus at some other point in time. He spoke through me for forty-five minutes detailing seven key aspects of my October fifteenth book launch, and that he would oversee and advise my team on this project.

By humanizing spiritual guidance in a personable human-type way, the bond between us and Spirit is somehow more “real” to us and quite possibly to them. It permits the experience to appear more grounded and tangible. My experience with Karmon sparked a thought of a passage from my new book Empower Our Children: God’s Call to Parents, How to Heal Yourself and Your Children.

The book passage reads: “. . . your imaginary friends may give you very helpful advice as a form taken on by your spiritual guides.”

Jason’s Commentary: Too often adults dismiss the notion of imaginary friends when children say they see or hear things that the adult does not see or hear. Spirit guidance may interact as an invisible being perceived with intuitive seeing or as a physical representation, such as when a child speaks with a stuffed animal. We, as adults, also dismiss our own experiences that would be considered abnormal and reciprocate unacceptance from most other adults.

Below God shares additional words on the topic of developing a relationship with spiritual guides.

God’s Message: “If adults choose to open their minds to the nonlinear connections that we, all spiritual beings universe-wide, make with people on a day-to-day basis, there will be a distinctly different world. The infinite nature of your spiritual physical existence will be revealed in a way that leaves you without words.

Please allow me to connect with you through the seemingly obvious and unobvious ways one might connect with God, but-with emphasis-please implore yourself to open your mind to the least obvious of ways. For it is on these less traveled roads that you may find your greatest growth and potential for service to humankind. The baby’s cry, the ants walk, the metal machine breaking down, the times when your courage and strength are most challenged, the raindrop on a wilted leaf, the wind across your face; it is in all things where we may serve you, but especially the least obvious.”

Jason’s Commentary: God’s words are inviting us to look for the infinite ways that God and spirits communicate to us, with us, on a day-to-day basis. Not in an attempt to obsess over seeking meaning in every minute detail where it ungrounds us, but rather to know there is meaning in everything. The infinite spiritual guiding forces in our lives can connect with all of us, every day, if we just crack the window of our imagination, by opening our mind to having an experience that in the past we might believe to be silly or unrealistic. This, I believe, will lead you to more direct apparent experiences with spirit and God, much in the same way I have with Karmon, my new spirit guide.


© 2015 Jason Nelson

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#2 Dyan 2012-10-19 20:58
Hi Jason, this is definitely an interesting article. I came to it after reading your post on fairies and angels. As I child I had lots of imaginary friends who loved to costume themselves as angels and faeries:-) and luckily for me they're happy to continue doing so today! I loved the channelled message from God. I think you're right - Spirit is all loving and is always trying to connect with us and this connection can be playful and fun. I bring this message across in my paintings and spiritual work so it was quite a delight to find this post that resonated with me so much. It's so easy for Spirit to whisper to the inner child in our heart.
#1 Winford Straubs 2012-09-15 01:15
Great article. There's no such thing as coincidence. I've been noticing a lot of recurring themes and circumstances that lets me know what direction to go in. Sometimes the signs are very subtle but if you keep your spiritual eye open and listen with the inner ear, you will be able to connect on a level like never before