Do Angels And Fairies ExistDo we have Angels and Archangels to call on for help and assistance?

Are fairies real or a figment of our imagination?

Are they real? Spirits are formless, meaning they have no form, which means the angel wings and fairy dust are not their true form. Spirits are however pure spiritual energy that interacts with us for guidance and healing.

Just think of the heavenly features and Tinkerbelle looking personas as costumes. Spirits put on costumes to better interact with us based on our belief systems much in the same way deceased loved ones come to us looking like they did when they were alive, as if they kept that costume on after the body died.

Whether it is animal spirits, angels, fairies, dead people, or leprechauns, what you are actually perceiving when spirit comes to you as these forms is a costume for your convenience and in some cases entertainment. The connection with spirit is to be reverent, but fun.

Any way they can have a more meaningful, powerful connection with you, they will, even if it means putting on a costume and calling themselves an Angel. I have fun with it and you should too. Just remember the energy behind the costumes and how it helps your life is what really matters.


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#7 Brandon 2014-12-04 04:28
I have a question? If someone were to become "one" with there spiritual guide and the motions that you make toward what you believe is the answer the guide is giving you and it turns out to fail does this mean you failed to properly connect to your spiritual guide or just that you were not receiving the right message. This is the situation I am in now I feel as if every move I make is the wrong one despite the fact that I feel the spiritual guide told me to take this path any advise
#6 Jason Nelson 2013-02-16 18:16
Comment by Jason Nelson:
Maribeth, thank you for sharing your story. We all have the ability to communicate with spirit, including our deceased loved ones. My teacher Katherine is helping me more now as spirit as when she was physical. Deceased loved ones can act as guides with some people. I can certainly help you to connect. Please contact me.
#5 Maribeth 2013-01-11 14:24
My daughter died on Friday at 11:11pm. Her birthdate is 11 (1-25-1983). I am thinking there is significance in this. I believe she is with us and I have felt goosebumps and messages when I talk to her.
I would like to see if you can help me communicate with her or to be sure it is her.
Can you help me.
#4 Jason Nelson 2012-01-20 13:47
Comment by Jason: Hi Anna, Spiritual guidance does exist and is with us at all times. Each of us has a spiritual team working with us and we all have one main guide that has been with us since birth and will be with us until after we transition back to the non-physical realm from which we came. The proof is all around. I can teach you how to communicate with the spiritual guiding forces in your life and develop a deeper sense of them with your intuitive qualities, through my spiritual coaching sessions to increase your awareness and direct communication with Spirit. I’d love to work with you, please contact me if you are interested.
#3 anna 2011-11-30 21:57
i love angels and fairies. no haven't seen them but i always believe that there must be something out there that is guiding us in life. i need someone to prove to me that they do exist. thanks.
#2 Rashmi Priya 2011-05-23 06:21
Yes they do exist and they support us when we need them.
#1 Rhonda Harrison 2011-05-03 09:53
I would like to know what your rates are if you work w/ people who don't yet have large monetary means but I feel since I moved to the Mtns. that i am closer to the trinity's true purpose for my life and am I on the right path now. with my angel infused healing oils. I would like to work w/ you very much, but at this time have yet to be monetarily gifted. Since moving to Red Feather Lakes, CO I feel more in touch w/ the heavenly entities. Please let me know when we could meet over the phone and the charge for that service. I Believe my angels have directed us to each other.