Is Possession RealPossession or not, that is the question.

I hear more often than not, mediums and psychics talk about the possibility of being possessed if you don’t use a protective affirmation or prayer.

It’s amazing how humanity has come up with clever ways of instilling fear about our connection with spirit.

We really need to rise above the concepts of possession. It is an immutable universal law that only one spirit may possess one body and one time and that spirit is you.

Your spirit has been in your body since birth and will be until death. Not only is possession impossible, but no spirit would choose such an act for all spirits follow universal laws which are founded upon unconditional love and the highest benefit of all involved. Thoughts of spirits possessing create experiences of possession, not spirits. Remember your thoughts are powerful and can give you a myriad of experiences. You are powerful!


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#2 Violin 2010-11-27 10:49
Hi. It's time for me to share something...All my life since I was a child, I have had experiences of eveil spirits violating me in my dreamstates, and in states of the between awake and being asleep...what I mean is, I have been lifted out of my body and spunn around a room by a force greater than myself that is not God...I have also had experiences of being physicaly, touched and bruised, strangled and other phenomenon...I learned a lot through the years about controlling that fear that is produced by these experiences, and finally, the only answer is God...I'm obviously not religious, but The Light who is God, is my savior and is always there throughout any bad experiences I may be having, which ARE real...since I have experienced these since a child, and I had a good family life, no abuse whatsoever, I do NOT question my although I agree with you that the "cure" for dark attacks is God, I will never deny my own Experiences...and they ARE the physical...denial wont help those who have experience in truth and reality, and didn't make it up and wasn't programmed by life to believe those things...It's just me, my soul, and many others as well who are prone to those things, on the flipside of that coin, I've also had many experiences of God and very POSITIVE interaction with Spirit! It's All Good in the end!!! I hope you will comment back to me because I like the conversation, and I agree with most of what you say...
#1 Sue Barley 2010-11-23 12:28

Thank you my friend.