What about bad energyHow many times have you heard someone say ‘that person has bad energy’?

Does bad or negative energy really exist?

No. Energy is simply vibes that you either are compatible with or not.

Just because you are not compatible with someone, another person may be best friends with them.

The idea of bad energy is our judgmental projection onto people, places and things.

Think about it.

We all disagree and there are people that disagree on so many things that they feel really uncomfortable or even pain from the other person’s presence.

This doesn’t mean the person has bad energy, just that they have different energy.

So let’s step up to the soul and accept everyone equally but choose who to be with based on compatibility, and kick the concept of bad energy to the curb!


© 2015 Jason Nelson

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#7 Muriel 2012-12-12 07:23
rding the negative versus positive soul energies. Everyone has these energies, however some sit at a lower vibration on the spectrum than others. Then some vibrate exceptionally high. Either way he/she is out of balance. In other words there is no homeostasis of the soul light going on. This is what happened on Earth. Too many are vibrating at a too low level. The whole planet is off balance. This is changing however. It will eventually come into balance again. Balance is the key... It is a huge key. People have to realize and accept that both high and low must be in unison. This comes through love, acceptance, forgiveness and compassion.
#6 Jodi-Lyn 2010-12-30 12:35
Hi Jason, I found your explaintion on bad energy very interesting. As I have been bombarded with mail and emails from physics saying that I have to get rid the bad the bad energy that is surrounding me and has been following me around for a long time and I need to get rid of it. That I have a very strong inner force, powerful spiritual light, etc. waiting break through but can't until I get rid the bad energy surrounding me, and only have a short time remaing to accomlpish this?? They also say karamic forces are working are on my behalf as I have endured my hardships from childhood until now with bravery and strength and remained a good person and only want to better myself and my life. So I ask what does this all mean if any if anything. As they mention God, religon, the universe, all religons they are not against any of them at all they pro all the way. Thank You Jodi
#5 Nieshka 2010-11-04 13:47
Could You explain more about different energy.?
#4 Bhoomi 2010-10-08 17:43
I agree, Let's re-frame the term "bad energy" to "I do not UNDERSTAND that energy". Being compassionate is the key here. We all have a shadow side that often we ignore. When we ignore this shadow side of ourselves, we are unable to understand the energy vibrations of others that confuse us. Be compassionate with yourself first, then you will understand the energy vibes of others.
Thank-you Jason, for offering some insight about a mis-understood topic.
#3 Greg P. 2010-09-19 15:58
I agree with what you write. However, if you take the concept to another level negative energy can manifest and take form as entity. Many years ago I witnessed just that. I got up in the night to use the bathroom and "a being" darker than the darkness was seated at the dining room table watching me. I couldn't believe what I was witnessing. It stood for a second and I stopped and it just looked at me for a few seconds. I continued on to the restroom and when I returned it was gone. I believe negative energy can form into a living breathing organism...Many years have passed but the images I saw that night are burned into my mind.
#2 anjalee 2010-09-02 10:13
yes, the idea of bad energy seems off to me.

but i am drawn to the idea of people having different levels of soul evolution or awareness. (and their vibe correlates to that)

what's your view?
#1 Mary Lou 2010-08-13 12:18
Hi Jason, thanks for the article on Bad Energy. I agree, and am learning that the more I live from the nature of the Soul, the more aware I am that it's wonderful to spend time with people who are of a compatible energy type with me so that I can nourish my Soul. This can be hard to do sometimes, and I do my best to love and accept others no matter where they are in life energetically. Just wanted to share that with you. Best!