Do walk-ins existA walk-in, as they have been called, is a soul that replaces another soul in a body during a lifetime.

Though most have not heard of this phenomenon, it is a common phrase in the metaphysical community.

Can your soul permanently leave your body before it dies?

Can another soul take up residence in your body?

No and no. Once a soul chooses a body to use, prior to birth, it is bound to that body until the body’s permanent death.

There are no exceptions to this universal law. Not only couldn't a soul leave its body, it wouldn’t. It’s not like souls just give up on the life they chose to experience.




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#6 Dee 2011-10-04 14:20
I finally had to admit to myself after years of resistance that when I died briefly and had my NDE I was not the same person after, I used to think it was rubbish, well, the former resident did. It took some really big realizations to cope with this, so I understand your view. However my guidance says there will be increased incidence of walk-ins as time goes on. It's the times we live in. As modern medicine progresses, more people will have and remember NDEs. What used to be is passing now and you will be very surprised what reality will look like in the next few years!Out-of-body experiences will increase, too.
#5 Chris Fine 2010-09-26 12:56
There was no mention of the possibility that perhaps someone might come into a body (in order that another would use it later), as part of the original soul's purpose for obtaining the body.
#4 Pam Blizzard 2010-08-11 19:21
Oh thank God, a person of sense! I'm a strong believer in spirit, metaphysics and this is one of several pieces of dogma that is presented that I will not buy into, for the same reasons you cite. Thanks for having the courage to say it.
#3 Linda Arlene Schwartz 2010-07-10 18:28
I have known at least a half dozen close friends and colleagues
who knew they were walk-ins. My understanding is that it is not
that uncommon these days for an old soul in a body capable of
higher frequencies, yet weary of this journey, to take their leave for one reason or another and have another entity take over the body and the mission. A 'vehicle' capable of holding high frequencies is not to be wasted...and is sometimes required for that other being's purpose. This apparently occurs after an accident,surgery or some other incident. I strongly differ with Jason's assessment.
#2 Paul 2010-07-08 10:49
If a soul does not give up on a body.... How is suicide explained?
#1 maryann moon 2010-07-08 10:46
I have certainly heard of Walk-Ins. So are you saying there is no such thing?