What are soul fragmentsCan our soul fragment due to emotional trauma as some healers would believe?

The soul doesn't fragment or carry emotional trauma with it after death. The soul has no imbalances because it is a spiritual energy.

We, as a soul, do not carry with us any physical human energies such as the mental, emotional or sexual fields.

These types of energies are experienced very differently when a soul is absent of a physical body.

There are experiences that a soul will want to receive during a lifetime and to get those experiences there may be trauma that comes with it. But the reality is all of our imbalances that originated from this life can be healed.

Although we can retrieve past life experiences to gain wisdom of how we might have overcome such an experience previously, we would not 'need' a past life reflection to heal in this life. It is vital to be present and focus on this life for everything we need to accomplish our destiny and overcome our challenges. Our loving soul will guide us through these challenges.


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#2 Nieshka 2010-11-04 14:20
So what is a soul fragment?
#1 Nieshka 2010-11-04 14:09
What are ghosts?