Is abortion bad I’m going to reply from what spirit has said to me about abortion.

Abortion violates natural laws of procreation, but then everyone on the planet is violating natural universal laws.

So where is the line drawn?

The soul of an unborn child does not claim the body and expect to be born until the six month mark.

Until then, the fetus is simply a growth inside the mother. The soul is not completely latched into the body until the baby’s first breath.

While the soul of the fetus does come and go interacting with both the fetus and mother, it is not detrimentally affected by the act of abortion. You might say abortion simply changes the soul’s plans.



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#9 Jason Nelson 2013-06-14 18:14
This is a very touchy topic and must be contemplated by each individual as to their truth on the matter. I will however speak to some comments in the hopes you will be able to come to your truth even more clearly. Our job of sharing perspectives is that we serve each other to know stronger what our individual truth is!

Victor: Suicide is quite different, as you may read in my book Age of the Soul. With suicide, we are not only upsetting the opportunity for our own soul, but also the opportunity of other souls who could have taken possession of our body instead of us through the birthing process. Abortion happens early enough in the evolution of a soul choosing and possessing a body that it has far less of an impact on the soul’s overall growth and plan than suicide. I encourage people to find the way when there seems like no way by reaching out to God, and a way will be shown.

Steve: with executions, the soul has not only chosen and possessed the body, but the personality has made countless decisions in its life to bring it to where it is. Ideally the criminal would have a final say in whether it wants to continue to live their life or accept the execution. Ideally every human would die naturally and not at the hand directly of themselves or another person. This gives us the opportunity to make more choices and have more experiences that can greatly benefit the soul.
#8 Rodrigo 2013-06-06 19:29
To the people who believe that the abortion is part of a contract with the child's spirit, I think there is a serious flaw in your reasoning: you are not considering the mother's free will. She is incarnated, the child is just starting the process; therefore, she is perfectly able to make decisions detrimental to the embryo/fetus (and this is very obvious: see the case of pregnant women who are addicts, psychotics etc.). How can you talk so calmly about such a matter and not even consider that people do commit mistakes, and often for selfish reasons? If you destroy a soul's body, you are not consulting him/her about it, you are imposing your will on his/her entire life-plan. Where I live, usually this is called a crime.
#7 Jeff Navarro 2011-02-03 11:43

How might someone contemplating abortion (or before that point, using their procreative energies unwisely) take your advice?

From one perspective, NOTHING any of us do really makes any difference in the grand scheme of things, seen from the soul level. The soul is eternal and isn't harmed by either murder or abortion. God does not die even if the temple is smashed to the ground.

But from another perspective, EVERYTHING we do is of absolute importance...every choice, every action. We are incarnated for the simple yet enormous purpose of being "God's hand" in the material world. This is the soul contract which each of us accepted as we set foot on the threshold of this life, even if we forgot it as we entered the world.

We can choose to accept and embody this contract, or not.


I feel you are one of those who believes that true fulfillment comes from remembering, accepting, and living out this contract, and that perhaps it could be said that your mission as a spiritual coach is to help and encourage people to do so.

The ability to take a life is one of medicine's most powerful tools. In fact, it's a powerful tool in each of our hands. It can protect us and our loved ones. The ability to end the life process (at any point) can actually save lives.

Debating how many calendar days it takes for the soul to enter the fetus is an unnecessary distraction from the real issue: Forcing another soul to "change their plans" is making an soul-level choice while we stand blindfolded on the ground.
#6 Amanda Haughey 2010-07-16 10:06
The fact of the matter is that we are all created in God's image. We are all made as indaviduals. Who are we take the life of another humanbeing? All life is preciouse. I see what you are saying about the people who say let the criminal live, but don't have the abortion. I was raised that way. But I beleive that if it's an abortion or a murder of a grown person, it's still wrong. God is the one who we answere to in the end.
#5 Dr. Rev. Heather 2010-05-18 15:46
I'm not certain if I completely agree with this. It just doesn't completely resonate with me . . . at this time. I'd have to meditate on it. The reason being that I can feel the spirit of my daughter resonate in my reproductive organs from time to time reminding me that she is waiting for me to select a partner to share my love with so that SHE can be created. (Talk about effective birth control!) However, I also believe, should I become pregnant and have a miscarriage that her spirit would also return to the next fetus.

I do believe an abortion (whether elective, medical or spontaneous) is part of the life contract for all parties involved. It is neither bad, nor good. It just 'is'. And the spirit attached to that body, may or may not return to the next fetus depending upon its life contract. Afterall, it may have been the decision of that spirit to experience what an abortion feels like.
#4 Jara Matthews 2010-05-08 18:37
I am uncertain whether or not the soul 'latches' at the 6 month point, but I will say this.
If an abortion takes place, I believe it is the co-creation of both the mother and child, as well as a number of others. Abortion is not to be taken likely, but it is the place of each person to sink into their Truth and make their own decisions.

Unborn children are no more victims than anyone else in existence.
#3 Steve 2010-05-06 09:32
I agree with that. Souls will find a suitable birth if it they will it to be born. It is funny that the same people who denounce abortions are the same ones who are PRO executions of criminals. One should be consistent, at least.
#2 Erica 2010-05-05 17:45
Just another thing to think on if the body is the temple that houses God then how can that which is housed within dies.
#1 Victor Archuleta 2010-05-05 17:25
I've never articulated my thoughts/feelings on this very well, but intuitively your description resonates with me. Do you have a similar description for suicide?