Do trapped souls existIs it possible for a soul to be confused and trapped on some in-between realm between the physical and nonphysical universes?

No. Souls cannot be confused because they have no emotional, mental, physical, or sexual fields.

These fields are unique to humans and are what make us human beings.

When our human body dies and the soul moves on, it actually moves on.

All during one’s physical life, during and after the moment of physical death, a soul is completely aware as it has always been.

What is the phenomenon of trapped souls? We must really look at each case of a proposed trapped soul as unique and find the reason for this perceived phenomenon.

If you've been experiencing trapped souls, you might actually be:

  1. Projecting your own fears and thereby manifesting the appearance of a trapped soul.

  2. Perceiving an energetic imprint of a past experience in that location.

  3. Misinterpreting a benevolent spirit guide as a trapped soul.

The next time you believe you are witnessing a trapped soul, take a minute to evaluate whether you are actually experiencing something else.


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#15 Michael 2015-12-13 22:25
I don't follow man made religion, and that includes this new age mumbo jumbo such as projecting our own fears that manifest hallucinations or mistaking something benevolent for something trapped. Spirits are real, we keep our emotion and mental state intact and move on without hindrance if there are no evil blocks in the way. And yes, good and evil are *quite* objective.
#14 Kanon 2013-09-17 19:29
Post grief, ptsd, and sorrow and a good batch of substance abuse, can bring a soul/evil spirit/soul depends on everyones story im not gonna get into mine but yea,,, i got love to get me through. I have to thank my mom and my guardian angels for that :-) i wish the best luck for anyone in a similar situation.
#13 Jose Barrios 2013-09-07 00:10
I've been looking for topics and answers, but generally cant seem to find any answers, and just dont know were exactly to begin. and about this trapped souls topic, my experience and present experience and still i need to understand why and if it is possible and basically all the Q; AND Y's of why its happening and how to fix the problem,briefly and short and if you may any answers,I have a some bumped into or got 3 young female souls trapped in my head,Ive gone thru the manifestations the sence of touch and for most speaking to me and actually explaining what had happened,I want to be able to help them as their cries ask me for help,and also their is a problem wich makes it a bit harder to understand,and I would explain in full detail if you would be able to help and respond, hope to hear from you! THANKS
#12 lolguy 2013-03-23 11:37
i actually do think it is possible for spirits to be trapped. they could've died tragically or automatically and that's how spirits get trapped. or they are in denial of there own death.
#11 Jason Nelson 2012-01-20 13:46
Comment by Jason: Hi Jamie, The reason may be as simple as he was there and the tingly feeling was him giving you a sensation of his presence. Tears are a wonderful emotional release that is a way we can express, what there are not always words for. Our deceased loved ones always want us to know that they love us and are available if we wish to communicate with them. Have you ever tried communicating with your brother, in words or thoughts and received some sense of his response? The ability to speak to Spirits, whether that be our deceased loved ones, our spirit guides, or whichever form of Spirit you believe, is always available to us and they have wonderful knowledge and insights to share. If you are interested in communicating with your brother and other spirits, I would be happy to teach you how. Please contact me.
#10 Jamie 2011-12-17 22:56
I was passing by the spot that my oldest brother died tonight. He died in a motorcycle accident in 1993. It is now 2011. Just over 18 years ago. I have passed by the location hundreds of times before and never once experienced what I FELT tonight. As I passed by, I looked at the spot where he died and thought of him as I usually do. just then, I had a warm, tingly feeling come over me and i burst into tears. I haven't cried about the loss in more than 10 years, nor do I cry "just because' either. It felt like he was there with me at that exact moment! Just looking for some kind of "reason" this may have happened. why now and never before. Why? Any help understanding this would be great.
#9 Heather Haze 2010-09-17 19:27
We all have some very creative ideas about souls, and life after death. As long as we are alive, those ideas are as real as we make them. But nobody really knows, do they? The only experts on death are...well...dead. The rest of us can only guess. So while entertaining to theorize about the eternal, our theories are, to quote Buddha, "as valuable as are those which a chick which has not broken its way through its shell might form of the outside world."

Any talk about "souls" is fairly useless without an agreed upon definition of what a soul actually IS. And since nobody really knows...the subject is pure conjecture. One can make equally valid arguments both for and against the existence of souls. The topic of souls, and life after death, is best reserved for sheer entertainment. It's perfectly possible to conduct a meaningful conversation on life, death, and everything else, without resorting to ambiguous terminology.
#8 Violin 2010-07-13 10:38
I believe that wherever a soul is in their personal journey is where they are when they "pass"...
some people die in a bad place, by negative means..they will still deal with this after Passing, until they decide to move on...I think souls move on, and if they choose to, linger...
#7 JA Smith 2010-06-01 21:49
Earthbound spirits do exist and are responsible for an incredible amount of havoc. I have experienced this first-hand. Read "The Unquiet Dead" by Dr. Edith Fiore, it may change your mind.
#6 Marietta 2010-02-02 22:24
Some say: "Nobody wants to be born; we are brought into existence thanks to our parents and not due to our will", and others say: "No, actually, YOU as a 'Soul" WANTED to be born"; ........... i think, NEITHER!
There is a force (unknown to man) which makes sure that the DNA is passed on for ITS OWN purpose and not necessarily for the benefit of any living being.... but of course we can deliberate on this, think, believe....etc.... but i doubt anybody knows the TRUTH or knows for sure !
#5 D.L. 2010-01-25 12:56
I See them hear them feel them. They are wondering souls. I know how to call them, but i dont think they like it.... Other believe they are demons.

IDK. what do u think?
#4 jeff 2010-01-13 16:55
thanks,Jason for some much needed common sense and good psychological insights,i think it would help if everyone stopped talking of 'spirits' as if they were some kind of mystical creature floating around in confusion,and started speaking of 'spirit people' they are the same people you know and love and speak to every day, real people. it's also much healthier to look at our own psychological make-up and issues rather than project it all onto an unknown spectral figure who haunts us...try counselling first before looking for other-worldy reasons for our fears...regards to you, jeff
#3 Sveta 2010-01-08 19:40
Dear Sandra, I think you are mistaking about souls wanting to come back to the Earth. Our souls do not want to reincarnate and surely they do not want to come back, and life absolutely is not magical for a soul no matter how well you, as a human been, reside here on Earth. To come back here mean one did not accomplished what was predestined, so the rebirth is actually a torture or a punishment for one’s unsuccessful life.
In regard to the trapped souls, what everyone thinks about people who killed themselves? Could they be trapped in-between for a while or not?
#2 Julie Geigle 2009-11-24 12:18
What is your belief system on Earth Bound Spirits? So you believe all souls move into the light when they die? I don't know if spirits get trapped as much as make a conscious choice not to go into the light. Ghostwhisperer is based on a true story - some of it is dramatized but the basis of the show was created from a real person. Interesting to hear different perspectives on the spiritual world. Thank you.
#1 Sandra 2009-11-06 00:30
I agree that souls are not trapped. (except for dolmens, they are places peopel go to die while still living so there soul doesn't escape through, and these peopel who felt they have information to offer the human race choose instead of keeping the cycle of reincarnation going to always stay available to those who seek them. So even as ancient information is lost they are still there. ) However, I do think that spirits have emotions, and even thoughts, but they are of a different nature. In order for a person to maintain their thoughts after their life and body, their thoughts would have to be of a strong purity/intensity. Souls have a whole access to things that only our subsonscioulsy aware of, so they are likened to the subconscious or the night, but physically don't influence things well. But I think those that have died what they really want is just to keep coming back to earth and reincarnating, because life is so grand and magical. It's not as if they want to get stuck or anythign. But all things are created first in the thoughts and then all physical manifestation go to where thought. If thought is on in a certain way a person could get stuck. For instance if a person dies thinking of nothing but death it will be really hard for them to reincarnate. Or if people are mourning a soul and constantly reliving their death it always for a while can keep a person from reincarnating. But I believe these are temporary and eventually it all works itself out. because the system that god created for people and the earth is a perfectly running one and takes all things into account. Sandra