Does blind faith existDoes blind faith exist?

No, because any faith we have is always based on something. Society defines blind faith as faith that isn’t supported by physical evidence.

Society says that if whatever you have faith in can’t be consistently proven through scientific means, then you have blind faith.

We need to rethink blind faith.

Sometimes, we have faith based on our intuition or subconscious belief systems.  Just because these can’t be scientifically proven doesn’t make them invalid or unreal.  Our intuition and belief systems are built upon years of experience and knowledge.

They give us wisdom that we may not consciously have. Many times our intuition is even more authentic and genuine than physical evidence.

When we make decisions based on our intuition, we do not have blind faith.

As humanity more deeply returns to using its inner intuitive compass as a way to guide and validate our existence, we will lessen our determination to find physical proof and nonphysical evidence will be taken just as seriously.


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#2 Maureen 2010-08-15 21:09
What if their (i'm refering to court and legal workers) intuition is completely incorrect as to their beliefs in someone's actions or mentality? Any suggestions as to how I can work with illegal and abusive use of discresionary power? The people who make the decisions here in Everett Superior Court all believe lies and illusion and keep their decision making power in their own little circles so no truth can be shown regarding their psychological abuse, coercion, manipulation... My 8 yo son is caught in their snare and I have no money for an atty. who is willing to put the time and energy into making sure justice and the truth presides. How can I deal with a corrupt, broken system with only faith? I keep on trying to have faith but am severely challenged. Help, please? Thank you. namaste
#1 historical home 2010-04-13 21:55
seem like lately all i have is blind faith