Are there accidents or is everything planned Is every circumstance planned by some heavenly event coordinator or is there really such a thing as chance happenings?

There are accidents and this is why: free will.

The greater purpose of why spirits come into physical bodies is to experience the challenge of making choices, which could change one’s life course instantly taking an individual closer to their life destiny, or further away from it.

People have an overall spiritual plan for their life and heavenly spirits do their best to keep people on track but no prophecy is 100%.

This means that no foreseen outcome will absolutely come true.

Prophecy is built on percentages of probability but it will never be 100%. That is impossible!


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#2 Marjory 2009-11-08 00:38
To make a choice can seem so difficult and yet all paths lead to the same destination. I feel our intention is the most important part. Are we being true to ourselves? Are we in alignment?
Thanks for the great blog!
#1 maryann moon 2009-08-11 06:53
OH, yes, you're so correct. Life is asking us to make choices moment by moment.
And oh, how much our Soul wants to come closer to Its divine destiny.