Does positive thinking workThe 'positive thinking' movement has helped people and in other ways, it has left believers deflated, feeling like failures.

Why, because 'positive thinking' is not a law-of-the-land that if you consciously intend something, it will manifest.

In fact, it is quite egotistical to think that you are to barrel through life creating your desires without a thought of the unified field of humanity, much less, the greater intention of your soul.

A closer look at how manifesting actually works will show you that only ten percent of your life is manifested by your conscious intentions and about 90 percent is created by your unconscious mind, much of which could be creating against your 'positive thinking.'

This means, if you believe consciously that you will effortlessly double your income and you believe unconsciously that you need to work twice as hard to do so-guess what-you have nine to one odds that you will work twice as hard to receive a doubled income!

If your conscious thinking is not manifesting your passion, find the unconscious thinking that is blocking you. Reach out for help.


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#3 David Richeson 2011-07-05 06:08
Great post! I agree 100%! I talk a lot about the power that our subconscious mind has over us in my latest post "Why You are Not Free or Independent". You can check it out here:

#2 Mike Shippey 2010-08-07 14:02
Jason - nice post!
I would say that there are far too many people out there who have either been misinformed about what positive thinking alone can do, or who have yet to take the next series of steps in their lives to achieve and manifest successfully.
I like to say that positive thinking is an awesome start...but until someone gets up off of their "inspiration" and takes some action, although the positive thoughts may make them feel a little better, it is highly likely that nothing in their life will significantly change.
Keep up the good work!

Mike Shippey
#1 bill 2010-05-10 16:47
the ego alone is limited in it's positive intent...can be fooled easly...much better to create positive karma, celebrating success of all manifested life forms, to give one that positive spiritual bases for which ego can manifest in a more positive way unconsciously...bill