What is damnation and will I end up there The stories of hell and damnation are interesting and even entertaining at times but for these things to exist would mean that God is judgmental and that just simply is not so.

Who decides your fate?

You do. You are responsible for deciding where you go and what you do now and after your body dies, though, it won't be to a fire pit for eternal torment; it just doesn't exist.

When your physical body ceases to be, you move on and ultimately continue living forever.

The mirror we place on the afterlife related to the suffering we endure in this life is strong and many defend it. Many believe if you make 'good' choices you don't suffer and if you make 'bad' choices you do suffer here and thereafter.

Suffering is a choice of not allowing the trueness that God is, being a nonjudgmental, unconditionally loving God, to fill you and guide you.

However, if you blaspheme and turn against God's love, it will not cease to be, you simply won't feel it as strong.

In this sense, you could say it is a hell but not a literal hell with fire. You are in a hell you create because you choose to separate from the love of your creator.


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#7 Alina 2011-05-29 05:34
Glad to see that more people are awake.
#6 Whitecrow 2011-04-15 18:52
Really like this Jason! Another great point, I feel so the same; I have never related to this extreme religious idea that 'the bad' will burn for eternity!!! I have found that to be the most un-loving, un-spiritual fate that any God would have towards its children. I have heard many times that the fear of hell, was largely cultivated to more easily control the common population. To me, my higher Power, knows why people do 'bad' and doesn't judge or condemn them, but would love them ALL and try to teach them the benefits of a more loving path. People do not get better by merely punishing, but through the wisdom of loving guidance. If we strive to understand the wrong in the world, we are in so much a better position to remedy it. The Spirit of LiFe to me, see's this also, not through condemning, not through torture, not through causing pain, but through the loving wisdom of the path of Heart and Understanding, and as quoted or re-quoted by many spiritual people like Eckhart Tolle etc., 'suffering is our greatest teacher'. So i don't see it like C.S.Lewis when he wrote the book 'The Problem Of Pain', but more see it as 'The Purpose Of Pain'. I feel very strongly that The Spirit teaches very gently in most cases, and if that means that we create our suffering through our distachment, until we learn from this, then we will not grow and evolve. But it is through our suffering that we tend to make the biggest leaps in evolution, and of self-realisation. I feel that humanity is in this loop of learning, of like self imposed karma, that we are creating our own suffering through, our nessicity, through our need to grow and learn, and until we do this, we will keep experiencing pain. Yet this is in many minds, is the joy of the totality of LiFe, of the journey through pain, through heart-ache, through the turmoils of existence, which inevitably leads to the greater escalation of the union of this divided self into the Wholeness of God, of the Spirit of LiFe. Just some of my thoughts upon the idea. So great that i have discovered you, I really connect to what you say. Thank you. Whitecrow
#5 Elyy 2011-03-29 06:28
Everybody has his own piece of mind and has his own point of view so I say that they are only a part of our imagination although the Holy Bible talked about Heaven and Hell but I think they are images from our imagination and that thing will be a huge mystery until the moment we die.
#4 Diane 2011-02-04 15:17
I don't believe in Heaven, Hell, God or Satan. I believe half is a nice fantasy and the other a way of keeping people in line and comforted. Personally, I think it's no different than believing in Santa Claus.
#3 Rick 2010-09-09 12:02
what actually happens after death? is it reincarnation?
#2 Sandra Kurman 2009-11-08 02:26
Hell and heaven is whatever we create with our own minds. Right now. Whatever is within us will manifest in ways outside as well. Connect with God and people, unify, open up your heart to others and even if you thought you were in hell before, you will find all of God's grace within you at any and every moment you stop and look for it.
#1 Chris 2009-08-24 17:53
The more we relate to each other the better we can facilitate living for ourselves.