What is the emotional hierarchyOn our journey of ups and downs we tend to view the downs as actual downs in worth, vibration, importance, value and ultimately acceptance.

The emotional hierarchy embraced by humanity places an extreme pressure on people to move up the hierarchy to 'better' emotions or a 'better' emotional place.

To live by this idea is dangerous, very dangerous. This is a slippery slope leading one on an impossible journey of creating the perfect feeling or emotion of their life experience.

The collective of humanity has judged emotions as good or positive and other emotions as bad or negative. They are just emotions . . . all good . . . all important . . . and all equally valuable.

By allowing each emotion to be as it is and share to you what it is sharing, by putting each emotion on the same shelf of importance, by valuing them all as the beautiful colors they are without the need to leave or escape them, you create an opening for something rich and incredible: unconditional love.



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#5 K 2010-07-29 00:16
Having been on a journey to get to this realisation and to voice it in the term emotional hierarchy on ly this morning...I am gobsmacked when googling the term to find it on the web lololol.

"Yes I agree with you emotions are neither dark or light but I termed them so because I have been following a story that I was conditioned to believe in me that certain ones were negative and certain others were better to have. I learned a pattern then of avoiding particular ones in me and realise in doing so I have robbed myself of both being able to "be" with myself (and others) through them and of the messages the emotions bring. That ol' pain and pleasure principle seems to have been directing my show from the wings...time to invite it onto the round stage so I can see it clearly in action. I want no hierarchy to my emotions...whatever comes let it be as welcome and as valued as any other and that way I won't leap away from one to seek another in a myriad of additive behaviours. As I meditated on inviting in and feeling fear this morning I was laughing at how ironic it is that the fear I have had of feeling the fear (or whatever other emotion) has proved to be more painful that actually feeling the darned thing!"
#4 Annette 2010-03-10 21:53
To do nothing but reach for 'positive' emotions is rather detrimental - it does cause some stress and a feeling that you are perhaps defective. I cannot agree with you that ALL emotions are neutral - there are emotions that make me feel good and others that make me question. I DO agree with you that they should ALL be valued and experienced without attempting to shove them aside. Telling someone not to cry when clearly they are feeling strongly about something is more destructive than supportive.
When I allow myself to have those 'not good-feeling' emotions, and then ask myself 'what was up with that?' afterwards, I just about always find out something about myself that I can change for the better (which is, of course, highly subjective to my own Values). I am not trying to get to better-feeling emotion for the sake of pleasure, but to move forward and evolve, and it gives my life meaning.
This works for me - I feel as though I am living my very own life. I tend to see it from a scientific experiment point of view, which I enjoy.
#3 Liz 2010-01-20 10:03
For me, the emotional hierarchy has been an awakening. Of course it would be great to always or nearly always "be" near the top. However, my understanding of it is that no matter where I might find myself, anger, frustration, etc, the idea is to reach for the one that is just above the one I am currently at. If I thought for one moment that I should remain always in Joy, of course I would be frustrated and unhappy on an ongoing basis. Sometimes anger is a better place to be when one considers you could be at hopelessness or despair. So I go on always reaching to be just a little bit happier no matter my current state. I am great with that!
#2 Kim Jackson 2009-11-09 09:56
Pema Chodron wrote in her book, "When Things Fall Apart," and I paraphrase, that we are always expecting. Having that attitude creates an energy of disappointment every time. When we have expectations, and those expectations are not met, it creates negative energy because what we expect and what actually happens most often are two very different things. The world has conditioned us to have this attitude. I read somewhere that we "hope" for things to happen this way or that way. If we were to replace the word "hope" with I "wonder" we may experience a relief in our expectations. For example, instead of I "hope" the war will end, try I "wonder" if the war will end. God Bless!!!
#1 Sandra Kurman 2009-11-08 02:35
Within each human is all the diverse energies in teh universe, it then is man's duty to balance everything and not give one prominance. Man must live in harmony with himself.

Sometimes I find myself trying too hard to be happy, for things to be good and so on. And no matter how hard I try, I can't quite do it. I realized part of the dissatisfaction that peopel have naturally in their life could be because intuitively we know there is more to be done first. In our life there is no such thing as instant satisfaction, nothing just goes suddenly perfect. If one wants to achieve a certain result they must think the path they want clearly and then see what they would have to do in as much detail as possible to come true and than also to see in as much detail as possible and also without fooling yourself, what end your dream will take not just for yourself but for everyone. Because we are all connected to each other. Then the steps you take in life, you will see how they go towards your goals.