Is there only one way to GodMost any religious or spiritual teacher or devotee believes that their way is the best way to the ultimate spiritual goal.

Usually the goal is to God's arms, God's heaven or God's realm. At the very least the goal is to experience inner peace or enlightenment.

Whatever the goal of a teaching may be, usually the teachers insinuate that their way is THE way.

If you disagree with this concept, dig deeper into your practice and teacher's belief about this.

It is important to find a teacher who is an example of unconditional acceptance for you and your way: that no matter which way you go, whether you disagree with the goal or the path to the goal and even if you curse the very revered philosophy that is being preached, that you will-absolutely-be okay and find your way.

Unconditional acceptance is the new paradigm. If your teacher or guide is preaching or exemplifying anything else but unconditional acceptance, you are associating with the old paradigm of conditional acceptance that has caused war and separation in this world.

Be a shining light to the world that all are safe and all will find their way on whatever path they choose-it will take them to the final destination of their soul.


DEAR MYTHBUSTERS: Doesn't every teacher have a way? Is it unbeneficial to follow a teacher's way? - JEWEL

DEAR JEWEL: Actually it is beneficial to have a physical teacher or teachers as well as your spirit teachers. When it becomes unbeneficial is when you follow their way blindly. Another person's way cannot be your way no matter how much you have in common with them and believe in them.

Every human has a different purpose and a different relationship with spirit and the Divine. Find your individuality within a particular practice or teaching you follow. It is always beneficial to find your individual Divinity and encourage others to do the same. Then, celebrate each others paths to the same place.


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#2 Sandra 2009-11-08 02:41
To judge a religion, book, guide it is quite easy. Just look at the kind of society it creates. Out of all the religions that have come, which society has radiated happiness? So far, none. But more are coming. Ancient ways, lost in time, except for it was locked in the memory banks of people, deeply hidden. A time when people and God co created the world together and the dreams for our future rebirth lay here.
#1 Delbert Hathaway 2009-09-30 10:20
My belief is that all religious paths study, follow, worship the same God, even though the name is different in each path. God is nonsexual, as opposed to male or female, He/She/They are neither yet both. The names are as varied as the spiritual paths themselves. Yahwe, Great Spirit, Allah, Woden, Osiris, Jehovah, Jesus. I know I am leaving a bunch of them out, but you get the idea. The beliefs and protocols are also as varied as the spiritual paths. However if you will think about it, the morals are always the same context. The actual morals may differ depending on locality and beliefs, but they are of the same context throughout all spiritual paths. Is there only one way to God? Yes, through God, whatever His/Her/Their name may be in your particular path. But remember just because someone else's path differs from yours, does not mean they are wrong. It is right for them. Celebrate with them the finding of their true path for them.