Do evil spirits existIf I had a nickel for every time someone asked me "well what about the negative spirits . . . what about the evil ones," I would have quite a coin collection.

I'm deeply sorry that this world has been so misguided for so long as to the nature of spirit. The genuine loving nature of spirits has been split into two sides: light and dark, good and bad, positive and negative, right and evil.

Boy has this one concept held humanity back for so, so long.

Please understand the FACT that God has created every spirit and every spirit is GOOD abiding by all universal laws under unconditional love.

Anything we experience as negative, dark, evil or bad is manmade and transitory. It exists only as long as one or many focus on it.


Q: DEAR MYTHBUSTERS: What do I do if I see or feel the manmade negative spirits? I know people who have experienced these negative spirits actually physically hurt them. - LAURIE, AZ

A: DEAR LAURIE: Well first of all, the manmade negative experiences are not spirits. We really have to begin by acknowledging them for what they are. We also need to acknowledge spirits for what they are-completely loving in the most unconditional way. A spirit will be firm but they will never be condescending or do anything against your highest benefit. That being said: if you feel or see manmade phenomenon that is uncomfortable, own it and take responsibility for it. You are creating it on some level. Your thoughts and belief systems create your experience of life-directly. You create your experience of life by your beliefs energetically attracting experiences to you like a magnet. Change your beliefs and you can change your experience of this phenomenon.

Q: DEAR MYTHBUSTERS: Why do we experience them if they are not real? - SKEPTIC, CA

A: DEAR SKEPTIC: They Are Real. They Are Not Real Spirits. There is a big difference. What you create with your thoughts and what humanity creates collectively is real. Spirits are created by the Source / God. It is impossible for you to create spirits. Only God can.

Q: DEAR MYTHBUSTERS: Why do so many people talk a lot about and say you need to be cleared of negative entities? Do they exist? What's the truth? - MICHELE, CA

A: DEAR MICHELE: Let us begin by changing our language. Language can really confuse people. There is no energetic phenomenon that can change you. Your beliefs determine your life experience. Rather than clearing energies (that seem like real beings), which only gives you temporary relief, change the beliefs that are making you participate with the energies in the first place. Take responsibility for what you experience . . . and you own your power.

Q: DEAR MYTHBUSTERS: I have been hearing and reading a lot, lately, about the various groups of elitist families, and individuals, who are running this world, and how they are manipulating the economy, the weather, our food and water supply etc... What is it, why is it and what is the purpose? What does Source say about these negative groups and the people involved. - MICHELE, CA

A: DEAR MICHELE: No one person or group of people is running the Earth. The Earth is run by the Source / God. Under God's guidance is spirits which include our souls. For us to think any human or humans is running the Earth is a misunderstanding. Your intuition can guide you to what food is healthy and what water is pure. Beyond that, there is no energy that can affect you without your permission or rather belief that it can. TAKE YOUR POWER BACK!


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#11 Bianca J Romero 2013-03-07 23:11
Hello and Thank you for reading my email. I believe that either I myself is haunted by a negative entity or the house I currently live in is. I started to experience sensing a negative presence always around me. Now let Me just add that I have always sense spiritual entities but never negative or like this.. I have orbs all over the house every night!! I see and communicate with these negative energies everyday!! I've cried out to god! Prayed ,smudged , sent out healing, loving, godlike vibrations with music, chords,chatting and we have christian music playing in all major rooms 24/7. I don't know what else to do I overwhelmed. I cry to sleep because I am so tired of them blanketing over me at night before I fall asleep, touching my feet, my hair gets pulled daily. We have 2 dogs who like me can see them! Thank you for reading. Please contact asap!!
#10 John Harby 2011-01-08 16:40
I find this new age chat probably more disturbing that any concept of negative spirits. Loooking at religion, In the true abrahamic religion Judaism, isnt there only one force G*d? Monotheism. There is no dark switch, evil force. The evil is the land of NOD. asleep in ignorance of this - There is pure love energy and the "evil" is the disconnection of this.
and concept of fire/hell and the devil were made up by christianity. hades and sheol were very different in concept to the modern take on hell, as was Jesus/yeshua's re to hell, which was gehenna the actual rubbish dump on the outskirts of jerusalem.
#9 Jason Nelson 2010-11-10 16:05
COMMENT BY JASON NELSON: The projections humanity has placed upon spirit and God, that there are sides (good and bad) and that we must protect ourselves, has dis-empowered us for millennium. By projecting our judgments onto God, it helps us to humanize God but does not bring us closer to God’s true loving nature. It instead separates us from God’s nature.
#8 Bo 2010-10-19 07:20
I agree with some of the things that you say such as "You create your experience of life by your beliefs energetically attracting experiences to you like a magnet. Change your beliefs and you can change your experience of this phenomenon." But the idea that evil spirits do not exist is not true. Even in the bible it mentions evil spirits. 1 Samuel 16:14 "Now the Spirit of the LORD had departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the LORD tormented him." So you are correct in the sense that God is the creator of all spirits but some people have rebel such as satan and has influenced good spirits into turning bad.
#7 Rick 2010-05-04 11:21
I don't believe if one can tell if there are evil spirits or not. I believe everything is pretty much balanced in duality - we are both good and bad. i think we are essentially good but without bad experiences or situations we cannot grow spiritually.

Some people ask why there is so much suffering in the world but surely it's an environment which allows people to learn? if the world was just good. How would we know bad? You have to have two sides to every coin to understand each side properly....

I think
#6 The Barking Unicorn 2010-03-19 13:54
Every being is an "evil spirit" to some other beings. YOU are an evil spirit - a negative, harmful energy - to whatever died so that you might eat and live.
There are no categories into which beings can be sorted neatly. There is no action you can do that is purely good or purely evil.
There are only opinions of what you like and what you don't like. Change your opinion of a phenomenon and it goes from good to evil, or vice versa.
Aesop's fable of the fox and the grapes is the perfect example. The grapes, high in a tree, were good in the fox's opinion. But he could not reach them and so he suffered frustration. The fox changed his opinion - "the grapes are sour!" and walked away - HAPPY that he did not have sour grapes! He was a wise fox, not a foolish one as many now suppose.
The grapes were completely unaffected by the fox's opinion of them. Whatever they were, sweet or sour, they remained. So it is with the universe and your opinions of its phenomena.
"If you understand, things are just the way they are. If you do not understand, things are just the way they are." ~ Zen teaching.
The universe is under no obligation to make sense to you. The good news is, you are under no obligation to make sense of the universe.
It doesn't matter who created anything, or whether anything ever needed to be created. Just deal with it.
#5 Teresa Dietze 2010-01-15 21:49
I have written a book specifically addressing the questions above regarding entities; why we get them, what they are, and what we need to do to be free from them. I feel I have been guided to this page--which I came to almost by accident while trying to get to bed. My mission is to increase the knowledge about this type of phenomenon and to clarify people's confusion about it.

I would love to leave the link to my book, but would not care to have my comment weeded out by spam filters. Jason, I feel I have something valuable to contribute. I will follow you on Twitter from my BeingTotal account, and you can contact me if you are interested. It is not my intention to market but to serve the mission I have been given by getting this material to those who need it. This is the first time I have found a page on which people are actively calling for those answers!

In Service,

Teresa Dietze
#4 Eve 2009-12-31 09:50
@Richard Green I agree with you 100% percent. I agree that everything is under Gods will evil only comes into play when we don't understand the out come of something difficult to understand at the moment. Evil is a concept of man and for centuries people have curved and bended historical religious texts to amplify or include and evil force or aspect when evil doesn't exist in the true sense of the word. For example a person who grows up in poverty becomes a person who helps abolish poverty in there community, a person who looses a loved one takes compassion on those who have lost people they care for-all "evils" are meant to move and shape humanity. To have free will perfectly under God we have to be able to learn and understand from all angles in life and in spirit. Every "evil" experience I had in my life has been a blessing in disguise. The thing that makes us believe in evil existence, is having fear and hate of something were not willing to except, face, or over come. God will make it present in our live via "the thorn in the side" to make I see our own hindrances and short comings, so that we can become whole in mind and spirit. When something "evil" comes our way we should thank God he has helped us face and learn from what we aren't willing to see in ourselves
#3 Richard Green 2009-09-04 19:35
I agree that certain individuals have unknowingly or knowingly created "familiars" or energy branched off of thier own soul that seems to have a life of it's own. I definately agree with you on the nature of spirits and people, and that our understanding of the word Evil; our attempt to categorize and judge something as Evil, makes it become Evil, to the individual who sees it as so. I was wondering though, for any who believe in the hierarchies, if angels are supposedly not created with free will, how can they rebel unless that was thier purpose?
#2 Chris 2009-08-24 18:00
Be humble, but never put yourself beneath something, for that is truly not understanding the value of self, and disrecting God's gift to you.
#1 Ellen 2009-08-20 14:47
Hi Jason,
I agree that God created all spirits. I don't agree that they are all good. Some have chosen to rebel against God, as do some people. Thus, good and evil spirits.