What is karmaKarma is such an interesting concept. Though viewpoints differ, the majority will tend to agree that Karma is the 'cause and effect' of every action. Many times the definition of karma extends into a punishment reward system.

Karma, as well intentioned as the philosophers were who created it, is a fear-based, judgmental concept constricting, contracting and, in some cases, enslaving people who believe in it.

The idea of every word and action in this life being counted by some heavenly abacus is accurate. All actions, thoughts and for that matter experiences that have ever happened or will happen are recorded in the fabrics of creation.

The discrepancy then is how we must directly balance actions from lifetime to lifetime or from lifetime to in-between lifetimes. There is no universal law deciding what balance occurs for your actions, contrary to popular belief. The judge and jury of you is yourself.

We tend to judge things as good and bad, and reflect this into the heavens as if a higher intelligence is judging us.

As a human, how can one really know what is beneficial or unbeneficial to a soul's destiny? You do this by reacquainting with your unconditional loving spiritual nature.


Q: DEAR MYTHBUSTERS: I have a question about karma: I've learned it as the old saying goes: "As you sow, so shall you reap." If you plant positive seeds, positive things will come back to you or occur in your life. If you make mistakes, you end up paying for them immediately. So, I too, see it is the law of cause and effect. How does this differ from Spirit's definition? - LEW, AZ

A: DEAR LEW: The idea of positive things coming for positive actions and negative things coming for negative actions is a direct consequence system. This is not true. Every action and thought effects creation. The question is how. We may never know the complete effect of our impact on creation. It does not mean that our impact will come back in this life or any life for that matter. All it means is that your existence had an effect on creation. The direct consequence is not true or possible for that matter.

Q: DEAR MYTHBUSTERS: Are you saying that each of us balance our actions without any input from the creator? - MARY, AZ

A: DEAR MARY: We have spiritual guides who are spirits and in some cases of the creator called Source or God beings. Such beings are Angels and Archangels, as well as names of God. So yes, there may be input from the creator as to what direction would benefit us next; however, that direction is ultimately chosen by us for us and it is not based on an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth concept. Souls orchestrate nonlinearly.

Q: DEAR MYTHBUSTERS: What does it mean to balance our actions? Does it mean we judge ourselves? - CONFUSED

A: DEAR CONFUSED: A soul will never judge but a soul will observe and choose. Judging tends to insinuate lack of acceptance or that something is wrong or right, whereas the nature of a soul is to simply plan and choose. Earthly and nonphysical existences are vastly different. To say how you will make choices as a soul nonphysically is a great stretch for you as a physical human.

Q: DEAR MYTHBUSTERS: Can we change in a lifetime our life destiny that our soul creates before our lifetime? For example, if we murdered someone in our last lifetime and we decide to be murdered in our present lifetime to balance it. If we realize it, can we change it? - LEAH IN TUSCON, AZ

A: DEAR LEAH IN TUCSON: The choice of a life destiny by our soul is permanent unless changed by the Source. Only the Source has the capacity to make such a drastic change. It almost never happens. The goal is to unify with your souls choices and direction instead of fighting it.


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#4 Vijay Kumar Jain 2011-03-24 22:54
As per infallible laws of karma... we reaped fruits of karma performed! Nothing in cosmic system happened of its own! If we suffered in present life... all owes its existence to bad karma performed by us in past or previous lives! http://www.askvijay.com/Karma-Sutra/
#3 Jason Nelson 2011-01-31 11:43
Comment by Jason: Great points! Interesting explanation Unicorn. Related to a 'cause and effect' law, there is one. Every energy that is sent, has an equal energy response, however, equal doesn't mean it will look the same to our human perception. We may not know the extent of its affect, ever. Equal means it sends a ripple out into creation, and that ripple affects creation, and because we are part of creation, that ripple affects us in some way sometimes more directly related to what we send out and sometimes indirectly.
#2 maria 2011-01-24 12:11
what about "cause and effect" law? I mean, at this life time
#1 The Barking Unicorn 2010-03-22 06:04
The common misconception about Karma is that results of one's actions are predictable and therefore controllable. Nothing could be further from the truth.
From every cause (action) arises *multiple* effects, each of which has Yin and Yang. Every single phenomenon (effect) that arises from any action of yours is "good" for someone and "bad" for someone else. You cannot perform a purely good act - or a purely evil one.
"The road to Hell is paved with good intentions" is just one example of our long-standing awareness of Karma's true nature. Yet people continue trying to deny this obvious truth:
Karma is NOT "Law". Karma is Chaos.
What you put out is NOT the only thing you're going to get in return. If something bad happens to you, it is NOT because you put out something bad. Jesus did only good, and look what happened to him.
Chaotic Karma is why bad things happen to good people. It's why bad people get rich and die happy. It's the way things are.
So don't agonize over where the "subconscious evil" lies within you when bad things happen to you. It isn't there. You don't have to spend years and thousands of dollars on gurus, and meditation, and retreats, and "purifications." You're fine just the way you are. Just remember the words of Max Gunther, author of The Zurich Axioms: "Chaos is not dangerous until it begins to look orderly."