Are there many types of love or just onePeople have argued this point for eons. It has been said that love is dynamic with many variances and in-betweens. Not so! A common thought is "I love you so much it hurts."

Love does not hurt. If one does not accept love, it hurts them. If one cannot share love, it hurts them. Sharing love never hurts. Receiving love never hurts.

Love is not earned; it is deserved by every soul. It is your birthright to love and be loved. Love is unconditional; there is no such thing as conditional love. Love is accepting someone unconditionally no matter what they have done, said or thought. You either love someone or you don't. There is no in-between. Love is an absolute, unconditional acceptance of another and yourself.

The experience of love gives one an acceptance of all life experiences. If you love one, you love them all. Love is the foundational creative force of God and Spirit. All universal laws that govern our existence are manifested from love.

It is our goal to love and let go of anything that is restricting love (or acceptance). Let us face our reality so that we may break through the reverie which has held us back from really loving! Truly love yourself. If we do, all will change to peace, equality and harmonious living instantly.


Q: DEAR MYTHBUSTERS: When you say "There is no in-between"- so if we don't totally accept ourselves or someone, then we don't love them or ourselves at all? That would mean that pretty much no one in this world loves themselves or anyone else for that matter and that love doesn't exist other than God's love. Is that what you are saying? Lot's of love, - LEAH IN TUSCON, AZ

A: DEAR LEAH: Short answer: Yes. But there is hope! Efforts of humanity, especially over the last century, have evolved civilization into a greater experience of love as we are connecting more and more with God and Spirit. This connection allows us to experience authentic unconditional love which at this time can only be had through God and Spirit. As we reach the pinnacle of our evolution as a civilization, we too will exude love in all we do, several hundred years from now.

Q: DEAR MYTHBUSTERS: If we are deserving of love, why don't we experience it. - PERPLEXED, CA

A: DEAR PERPLEXED: Most do not experience love because they create their source of love in people, places and things that are ever changing and uncontrollable. The dependency's we use to fill the void of disconnection with our soul and God create only temporary fulfillment, compared to the complete, perpetual love felt when we reconnect to our spiritual nature: our soul and God. This is and always will be the source of inner peace.


© 2015 Jason Nelson

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#7 website 2016-08-03 16:06
Thanks very interesting blog!
#6 Susan Kramss 2010-08-28 10:35
Love is like sunshine; a gift of light and energy that keeps giving. Its effects are different depending on who or what it comes in contact with. Clouds may obscure it temporarily, but it remains a constant. It reflects off whatever it touches and spreads outwards to others. It can warm the coldest days, energize the soul and produce incredible miracles that lift spirit for those who witness it. Rainbows are the sun's way of saying, even within the dark clouds, beauty can be found; aurora’s, show off its magical and mystical powers even in the darkness. Sadly its power is often taken for granted and is only missed when it is hidden from our view. With faith, one can relax, take time to reflect upon the daylight, dream and awaken to its beauty once again.
#5 heartgate 2010-04-12 01:46
Love is love. It is internal,a being that lives in all of us. We can access it at all times.
#4 PracticeEmpathy 2010-04-03 05:50
I believe there is only love for yourself---that is always the path to enlightenment & peace. Every judgement we make on ourselves --any doubt that we are a perfect creation of nature---that we are not good enough---will reflect it's self again in the judgements of others--it will breed contempt--no matter how small---or how big---the only work to be done in this universe is to "be the change we want in this world" or practice loving yourself. Every additional second on this earth where you experience loving yourself unconditionally--is a second of peace & positive energy.

Have you ever noticed when you were in the event of something you were proud of yourself about--everything was easy--flowing---peaceful---inspiring--you were happy & nice to everyone around you----imagine if we could feel that way everyday--or all day---imagine if that feeling were a function of just being alive--not of something we "did" & asserted that is was "good" ---

I believe to the degree that we love ourselves unconditionally (and like Jason says---that is part of the definition of love---so unconditionally doesn't really need to be said----BUT in society we use the word love on a daily basis to describe things like lust & manipulation (or we use the words to manipulate someone)--so when we use "unconditionally" to describe what we mean by love it might be helpful to pull it away from all the other meanings.) is to the degree that we love the world & can experience our relatedness & be truely empathetic from the core of our being---

Maybe there is no other love except self love---for when true self love exists---all of the universe is loved too. GREAT things to ponder!! Thanks for sharing!!
#3 Sandra 2009-11-06 00:48
i really liked your post on love. i pretty much agree. I think love for one is very much misunderstood. For one love is a gift from god, the greatest gift. And by those words which are often heard, I mean that our capacity to love another is what god gave us at the very beginning. Why does love go away from two people in time? Because love is a living energy, and love only wants to be around things that are good in nature. For instance say two people are in love, so they move together in the same apartment. No aspirations for the future, even if the two had children love can't stay around those two when it knows the children will be raised in torment. now take two people, there love is not a strong one but they have similar aspirations, and they work out in the garden to create a beautiful place for themselves and their future children. There love will grow many times over. And for them love will never die.
#2 Jason Nelson 2009-08-24 20:26
This thing called love yes! Love=Acceptance-Compassion=Spirit
#1 Chris 2009-08-24 18:19
I don't think we are supposed to love all the time...I don't think love is supposed to be perfect...I think love comes from being able to develop something with genuine honesty.
There are those who pretend love, but see evil and call themselves angels, but they are no more than scoundrel who cannot see light in the darkness.
Energy is the gift of life, but truth is the gift of self and knowing is the empowerment of righteousness...for those without knowing do not deserve a say. For how can you speak on what you do not know...I can only share what I know to be true, imaginatory things, subconscious things, do not and cannot come from me, for how can I be held accountable for what I have no control over. this thing we call love.