Environmental SoulutionsThe Environment is Calling Us to Act Now

We have an incredible opportunity before us where we can make a difference not only in our life and other's lives but for something much more . . .  Earth's ecosystems are deteriorating. Its health is failing.

Humanity is responsible and we have a choice to make that may very well decide the fate of our soul being able to return to this beautiful blue planet again.

This great opening for change is one to celebrate as we forge ahead, lying a new foundation for the youth to balance and sustain this world.

It will require determined individuals from every walk of life to unite and create new systems based on 100% sustainability and renewable resources.

The time when we weigh economical cost versus the detrimental impact on our environment must end. There is no cost big enough to ensure a habitable planet for our future. What legacy will humanity leave to following generations? What quality of life will we preserve for our souls future lifetimes on Earth?

Humans have depleted 60% of the world's lakes, grasslands, forests, rivers and farmlands. In recent decades a fifth of coral reefs have been destroyed and the diversity of animal species have rapidly declined. With carbon dioxide (CO2) levels rising, we are approaching a global epidemic where water and food shortage from imbalanced ecosystems may create millions of environmental refugees in our lifetime.

Can we expect to have less oxygen to breathe as the years go on? Life sustaining plants that clean our air, provide food to us and most importantly turn CO2 into vital oxygen are being decimated. Will we create a future where each person requires a breathing apparatus?

In waters such as the North Sea and Baltic Sea marine life is already finding it harder to breathe as temperatures increase and oxygen decreases. The rise in CO2 gasses, otherwise known as green house gasses, have scientists believing that even if we begin using 100% green energy sources right now, we will witness a warming planet for decades to come. Polar bears are being considered for the endangered species list. The ice sheets they use to hunt and raise their young are melting away and they are starving. Ocean levels are rising. The ozone layer protecting our Earth from harmful radiation is disappearing.

Our precious home is crying out for help. Like naïve children we opened Pandora's Box, unleashing waves of imbalance upon our world. In the wake of this challenge, humanities hope for saving Mother Nature is the realization that we need protect and nurture her as much as she does us.

Many citizens of Earth are desensitized to the reality of what is taking place in the world. The perceived impact to the environment by our actions half way around the world is minimized. The dilemma with the environment is not about one species of animal or plant. Nor is it about one part of the world because where one is affected the enigma of the butterfly effect perpetually affects space and time until every nook and cranny of the planet and finally creation is affected by just one single breath. The air you breathe mingles with the air in your immediate vicinity spreading through your country and it eventually disperses world-wide. You may be breathing air that the first humans breathed long ago. You breathe the same air that plants and animals breathe to exist. We coexist together and share a common innate desire: to continue existing. Imagine every act touching the world in ways you will never know. Let your touch be one of sustainability and life.

How Can We Heal The Environment

Man's ecological footprint is deep and wide, spanning every hemisphere of the planet. We may witness a large-scale ecosystem collapse by 2050. This stark picture inspires us to postulate the question, what can we do? The solution is practical. It is simple. We must leave no footprint at all.

By adjusting our thinking we will birth new technology and design principles that require all goods to be 100% recyclable and the resources from which they are produced to be 100% renewable. With laws and systems in place to support this revolution of consciousness from a throw-away society to an eco-friendly one, our impact on Earth will be positive.

Recycling is imperative as we are using the planets resources faster than they can be renewed. Most things can be recycled today, even with our present processing systems.

Greening your home and business is a noble effort towards saving Mother Earth. The term "green" symbolizes environmentalism as the color has been known to signify nature, healing and rejuvenation. We'll go over some tips to green your home or business.

  • Use native plantings. They require little to no care as they are adapted to your local climate, soil and habitat.

  • Clean sustainable energy. Purchase green power from your electricity provider or unplug from the power grid altogether by installing solar panels with a backup generator.

  • Wise water usage. By installing low-flow aerators, your water consumption will be cut back. A rainwater collection and storage system will provide water directly from the sky instead of chemically processed tap water.

  • Energy efficiency. Purchase energy star rated appliances as well as energy efficient lighting, cooling, heating and water-heating systems.

  • Low-VOC products. Low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) will protect your health and the environment.

  • Location. The ideal green location would be within walking or biking distance of key destinations such as parks, schools, stores, banks, restaurants and public transportation so you may leave your automobile at home.

  • Design. When designing your home, know the orbit of the sun relative to the position of your home so you may use it to your advantage when placing windows and skylights.

  • Green building materials. Green materials include rapidly renewable plant materials such as straw and bamboo, recycled metal and stone, sustainably managed certified forest lumber and products or materials that are reusable.

Zero-emissions vehicles (ZEVs) are vehicles such as planes, trains and automobiles that produce no pollution or emissions when stationary or operating. Among other energy sources, ZEVs use battery-power, fuel cells and compressed air. If you're wondering how a clean zero-emissions vehicle can look good and go fast, check out the new battery-powered Tesla Roadster with its electrifying performance of 0 to 60 in less than four seconds. Other less advantageous approaches to greening a vehicle include bio-fuels, hybrid engines and near-zero-emissions vehicles that use technology to limit emissions but do not eliminate pollution all together like ZEVs do.

Sustainable design is a milestone to launch us into a new green age. Let us be motivated to take it seriously and make it our priority through new laws and oversight. Only purchase products that have 100% recyclability. Lawmakers must require products to be produced with 100% recyclability, putting pressure on manufacturers to implement green statutes immediately. To support 100% recyclability, we will need local centers capable of processing all recyclable products. Will design teams move humanity into a direction where healing our environment is not a matter of cost practicality but one of moral duty?

A New Vision Through New Eyes

The spirit within is calling us to change our ways. It pleads for us to see through a new pair of eyes, the eyes of our soul. Humanity has been quite out of touch with the rhythmic, loving nature of the soul. We must humble ourselves. It is time for us to raise our viewpoint from the microcosm of this one life to the macrocosm of our entire soul destiny including potentially thousands of lifetimes.

Our vision must expand to our spiritual self so that the wisdom of our soul will fill us and guide our actions from here on out. Let us be one world . . . united with one cause . . . under one love . . . to live in harmony with Mother Earth. By being conscious of every decision we make to elevate our planet's condition, we begin to inherit the natural rhythm that resides within everything, the divine pulse of life itself.

Will you take one step now to heal the environment? The quintessential question of all time, maybe the most vital consideration we will ever know as a civilization is - can one person make a difference? Yes You Can!


© 2015 Jason Nelson

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