Unlocking Your Souls Perspective Video 325x256Your soul has a special perspective about the people, places and things in your life.

Mostly our soul’s perspective has not been role-modeled to us, and we’ve come to a crucial point in our lives where it must be unlocked. . .

Because we’d all like to feel peace and clarity!

Seeing life from the perspective of our soul is what will end our suffering.

Layers of stories and unclear perspectives about life, passed down for generations, are creating your own personal misery. . . but your joyful, loving soul is below the surface and has so much beauty and love to share with you!

We can easily find ourselves throwing people, things, situations and ourselves into categories.

Categories entangle us into a judgmental perspective about our life experiences.


What we are doing is moving from categorization to unification. . . from duality to oneness. . . from judgement to observation. . . from the entanglement of proving and blaming to freeing yourself with learning and understanding.

This is about moving from the common, judgmental categories of good and bad, right and wrong, positive and negative to the unbounded, limitless soul-based perspective we are meant to experience!

  • Our goal with soul-based living is to neutralize judgment about our life experiences and eliminate categories altogether.

  • Then, we can truly look at people, things and situations as simply what they are.

  • As a result, we can investigate further into our participation with them and why we feel comfortable or uncomfortable, and if we believe they benefit or don’t benefit us.

By revealing and understanding our life experiences, we are able to take responsibility for them.

To Unlock Your Soul’s Perspective:

  1. Pause

  2. Take a few breaths

  3. Virtually step back

  4. Ask, “What is ACTUALLY happening here?”

Soul-based living is a journey of discovery and observation. Be patient with yourself, others and the world around you, and you will feel empowered!


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