Make the Law of Attraction Work to Manifest Your Souls Purpose316x188 This video lesson will show you how to make the Law of Attraction work every time to manifest your soul’s purpose.

Your subconscious mind and soul’s purpose are two essential, and rarely talked about, aspects of the Law of Attraction that you must understand to achieve the greatest success possible.

In this video lesson:

• Law of Attraction defined
• Why the law of attraction doesn’t always work - what was missing from the movie “The Secret”
• Getting the conscious and subconscious mind on the same page
• Creating what’s in alignment with your soul’s purpose
• The difference between our soul and our personality
• Why you have spiritual guidance and what they do
• Getting into the “flow” of life
• Making the Law of Attraction work for you

When we manifest our life purpose on the planet, we begin to feel a deeper and more consistent passion every day.

Feeling purposeful inside on the deepest soul level is the light that pulls us through the hard, challenging times.

Instead of your spiritual guidance using their energy to nudge you “on path”, they can instead use their energy to move your purpose forward by opening doors, helping your life flow better and feel easier.

Tools mentioned in the video:

• Vision boards, mantras, affirmations
• The Five Accomplishments to Becoming One With Your Soul, described in Jason Nelson’s Bestselling Books, Age of the Soul and Empower Our Children
Coaching to clear your subconscious limiting beliefs and help you identify your soul purpose in this lifetime
Communicate directly with your spiritual guidance in Jason’s Miracle of Voice Channeling program

Question after watching the video:

What did you learn to help you make the Law of Attraction work – is it removing subconscious blocks, knowing your soul’s purpose or communicating directly with your spiritual guidance? Please share in the comments below.


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