How Spirit Guides You With A Focus Point 325x433Our spiritual guidance must work with us where we are. This means that guiding us from Point A to Point B can be a nonlinear, convoluted path.

You may get the intuition or direct spiritual guidance through voice channeling, to take a certain action to receive an outcome, although, the outcome you are given might not at all be what Spirit has planned for you, even though they give you direction for that outcome.

In 2002 God came to me in a vision and spoke to me that I was to move from Woodland Hills, California to Salt Lake City, Utah. It was very clear and I was told to take action the next day. The truth is that I was meant to end up in St. George, Utah, but I had never heard of St. George, so Spirit had to work with what I did know as a reference to get me where they wanted me to go.

How Spirit got me to St. George involved other people. When I told my 83 year old spiritual teacher Katherine Beck that Spirit told me to move to Salt Lake City, she tuned in with her spirit guide Mario and Mario told her to move to Salt Lake City with me. In order for her to go, she needed other people to join us to drive her, and so others joined our expedition to Salt Lake City.

When we arrived in Salt Lake City on Christmas Eve and dined at a restaurant, our waitress told Katherine that we’d enjoy St. George much better. Katherine took that as a sign from Spirit. We ended up moving to St. George, Utah, where the ‘red carpet’ was truly rolled out for me in the most miraculous, effortless way. Step-by-step Spirit was there guiding me directly through each door. It requires incredible faith to trust and follow Spirit in this way.

So you see, Spirit had to work within my life references, and the only city my mind knew within Utah was Salt Lake City. Then Spirit guided Katherine, her driving companions and the waitress to get me to St. George. It’s amazing how spirit works and it is also very complicated!

Spirit said to me: “Don’t get hung up on how Spirit brought you to this point, just know that Spirit brought you here. When Spirit works with your personality, what you’ve been exposed to, what you can receive, how you can receive it, steps you’ll take and steps you won’t take, we do everything in our power to get you from Point A to Point B. What matters is Spirit has guided you to where you are and to where you are going next. That’s what matters. All of the little ticks and tacks along the way don’t matter.”

Does this make sense to you? How has this happened in your own life, where Spirit has given you a direction and you ended up some place completely different, knowing it was where you were meant to go? Please share in the comments below.

I’m going to share with you another more recent example of this in detail, so you can follow my step-by-step process for arriving at my final destination with Spirit’s guidance.

You may have heard by now, if you’ve seen my Facebook, Spirit recently told me that it’s time to move from Sedona, Arizona (where I’ve lived the past year) to Albany, New York. I know, everyone has been commenting on the cold, snowy weather in Albany, but hey, its Spirit’s call!

We searched for properties online and came across a cute house that Spirit said was the one. This home became my focus point for Albany. Through my inquiry into this home, I met a nice realtor who offered to show me this house and other properties. I flew to Albany to secure a home. Even though Spirit said this house was the one, Spirit knew my personality would want to view the home in person, and they encouraged it. Spirit appreciates when we use a combination of our human intellect with their intuitive, spiritual guidance.

When I arrived in Albany, New York and toured the home, I found the basement was full of mold! It was on the walls . . . everywhere. I was confused as to why Spirit said this home was the one, even though it was clearly unhealthy! So what did I do? I went to Spirit for the answers.

Spirit told me they wanted me to work with Jean, the realtor, and the only way that was going to happen was to contact her about the initial home she listed with mold. Jean showed me other properties, including the one Spirit had actually intended for me.

From both stories, my move to Utah and New York, Spirit gave me a focus point to get me started. For my move to Utah, my focus point was Salt Lake City. Once there, Spirit worked through the waitress, my teacher and other participants to bring us to St. George, a town we never heard of. For my move to New York, my focus point was one particular home. Once I visited the home, Spirit guided me through the realtor to the other home I was meant to find.

So you see even I, who writes channeled books for a living and has taught people to channel for over 12 years, will get information for myself that leads me in one direction only to end up somewhere else. Spirit guides us through focus points that can change, and if you are flexible and have faith in your spiritual guidance changing your direction, it will help you to achieve more, faster and with greater peace.

If I wasn’t flexible and humble with my original focus point of moving to Salt Lake City, then I might never have moved to St. George. Likewise, if I didn’t surrender to Spirit changing my direction, I would be moving into a moldy home!

Please Remember:

1. Guidance can always change.

2. Spirit can move you more easily, if you are open to the end result being different from what you originally anticipated.

3. Getting from Point A to Point B is rarely a straight line.

4. Trust that Spirit is doing their best—as Angels, the Divine, spirit guides, deceased loved ones and other forms of Spirit—to help you arrive at each destination.

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