Materialized Spirit ArticleNon-physical spirits took PHYSICAL form in front of me.

I heard each distinct voice, the different shoes, and from where they were speaking, I could tell they had various heights.

Materialization is typically done in a blacked out room because of the sensitivity of the energy used to create a physical vessel for the spirit.

The hand of William, a materialized spirit, reached out and grasped the top of my head with his large, warm hand. His fingers touched the sides of my head while his palm was placed firmly on top. He massaged my scalp! William was very large in stature as his voice came from a tall being above me.

Spirit Materialization is currently a rare event but it has been happening for hundreds of thousands of years. It was taught from a materialized spirit that when Jesus had “risen”, he had actually materialized, after his body died, to meet with his followers and guide them.

PHOTO: This photo is an example of a séance where they materialized a spirit. It is not the event I attended. The physical medium whose séance I attended is David Thompson.

Spirit can materialize, speak through your voice in real time, write through you in real time, speak through your mind, and of course, guide you through other people, songs, animals, etc.

I personally receive help from spirit through indirect telepathic communication and direct voice channeled communication with my team on everything from what clothes will lift my vibration the most to the most important foods for my body in that moment. I love relying on spirit to guide me into my highest life experience, and I also love their companionship. The friendship I have with my spirit guides is so special, it is something I wish for everyone!

One of the most basic truths that we can understand is Life Continues. There is no death of our spirit, once our soul has been born it always lives, unlike our physical body which will in fact perish.

Our nonphysical spirit friends want us to know we will always live on AND there is more happening in this lifetime than we can see with our physical eyes, which can only be experienced with our intuition. To know the full experience of life is to open and use our intuition and our ability to communicate with God and spirits.

Your spiritual guides want you to believe in your immortality as a soul, because in doing so it will set you free in so many ways. Intuitively know your nonphysical existence, your loving soul-based nature and your connection to the Source of all life.

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