Transform Your Life With Daily Spirit ConnectionEverybody’s experience of Spirit is different. Each of our awakenings to Spirit is unique. But one thing remains the same with everybody: We all are supported by Spirit and connected to Spirit. The difference between us then, is how sensitive we are to what is already taking place.

One of my goals here is to help you become more sensitive to what’s already taking place, and use it practically to benefit your relationships, career, health and well-being. This way, every day you nurture this connection, YOU will feel closer to the spiritual guiding forces in your life, and believe in them.

It takes practice and when you are beginning it’s important to ignore your doubts and jump in, like a child without apprehension and trust yourself, trust what you are receiving from your connection with Spirit (the visions, inner dialogue, feelings and knowledge).

How we move forward from here is completely up to you. Do you want to commit yourself everyday to nurturing your connection with Spirit? Twice a day? Once a week?

If maintaining an open awareness with your connection determines the impact and sensitivity of your connection, how often do you choose, in this moment, to practice being aware of your spiritual connection?

I Choose Every Moment. How often do you choose?

Say to yourself and affirm with confidence how often you choose to bring your awareness to your spiritual connection. Spirit will remind you of your commitment the best they can once you affirm the frequency you are committing to.

Breathe, Release and Imagine. . . what does your life looks like based on this commitment you’ve made, to whatever degree you are able to imagine, how is your life new and different as a result of your active participation with the spiritual guiding forces in your life?

Imagine how your life is different or enhanced with your commitment to your connection and the benefits you are receiving. Share what you envision, know, hear or feel to be true below. This will anchor the possibilities and the commitment you are making today.

Some of the benefits and life altering shifts my clients and I receive from our active participation with Spirit are:

* Daily practical advice about relationships, business, health – any and all topics are available.

* Greater peace and understanding about our purpose in this life – what matters and what doesn’t.

* How to attain our goals by following spirit’s step-by-step instructions to receive what we want – this is using prophecy practically.

Here is another benefit for connecting with Spirit…

One of the biggest topics that people have on their minds is money, even though financial wealth or lack thereof does not necessarily determine one’s peace of heart and mind. You can live your life determining your peace, hope and safety based on external values, such as a financial number, or you can throw that approach out all together --- to instead, base your hope, safety and peace on a connection to Spirit that is always present and never changes.

By doing so, no matter what is happening with your bank account, relationships, career, health or home, you would always in every moment of everyday, feel peace, hope and safety. This consideration is one of the greatest lessons, and one thing that can create WORLD PEACE in just one generation.

Action Steps:

Please share below to further integrate your commitment and visualization.

    1. How often are you committing to being aware of and nurturing your connection with the spiritual guiding forces in your life?


    1. How does your life look with your new commitment to spirit?


  1. Do you want to base your inner peace, hope and safety on internal or external values?

If you would like help nurturing your own spiritual connection and learning to receive your peace internally instead of externally, my channeled books from God are a great resource as well as my one-on-one coaching sessions.


© 2015 Jason Nelson

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