Your Five Healing IndicatorsTo “heal” is to understand, and to reveal, your state of being. Once you do this, you have the power to change it!

If you play the role of the observer and listen to what your symptoms are actually sharing with you on a deeper level, you will be empowered with real solutions that address the cause of the symptom.

Addressing the root cause of a symptom ensures a deeper long-term healing rather than addressing the symptom alone.

In general, there are two ways to create well-being:

  1. Addressing the cause.
  2. Addressing the symptom.

When you heal, be aware and fully process the causes before the symptoms are to be addressed. Usually symptoms will go away quickly if the cause is addressed first. When significant physical deterioration has developed as a result of not addressing the cause when it first presents symptoms, you may need to heal your physical symptoms after the cause is addressed.

Symptoms indicate something about your experience. In fact, everything indicates something, doesn’t it? You use five primary groups of indicators--physical, behavioral, emotional, mental and spiritual indicators to guide you along your path. In order to be in touch with your own healing, you must observe and listen to these indicators in order to understand your state of being.

The five types of indicators, which I describe below, are gifts. They direct you to your highest purpose, so think of them as your allies, rather than weaknesses. Listen to them carefully!

Think of this discovery process as a treasure hunt where your indicators or symptoms are the map to your treasure of healing. Embrace your indicators, even if they are uncomfortable. They want to guide you into healing! They will help you understand what you need to change in order to create wellbeing for yourself and fulfill your purpose.

Physical indicators include injuries, diseases or discomforts in your body such as a headache, infection, broken leg, virus, pain, or body weight.

Behavioral indicators include unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking, physical or verbal abuse, lack of exercise, nail biting, and other unbeneficial habits.

Emotional indicators encompass human emotions: fear, anxiety, grief, jealousy, guilt, shame, love, etc.

Mental indicators include thoughts and belief systems existing in your mind that create your outlook on life. These thoughts and belief systems create self-perceptions such as unworthiness, unacceptance, failure, success, looks, not being good enough, and being unable to get ahead.

Spiritual indicators include intuitive signs that guide you onto your purpose and into healing: visions, signs, feelings, thoughts, voices, and knowing.

Your role as a healer is to reveal and understand your indicators. By doing so, you become more able to embrace uncomfortable symptoms so that you can better understand them and reveal what they really are indicating. Indicators, after all, are designed to guide you into self reflection and evolution.

When you do a healing, try to address the cause rather than just the symptom. If you only heal a symptom, you might be missing out on a wonderful opportunity to truly heal yourself!

An example of healing a symptom without addressing the cause is removing a tumor from your body with surgery before addressing the unhealthy habits and thinking that created it in the first place.

I’d like you now to begin the process of discovering and embracing your indicators. To refresh your thinking, please refer to the descriptions of the five kinds of indicators I described above. Then, list the indicators in your life that have revealed themselves to you so far.

Your physical indicators may be the easiest thing to notice at first because they are the last line of indication to change something before the body dies. Therefore, they can be the strongest eye-opener that something needs to be addressed. So, begin with your physical indicators and continue with each indicator until you have made a list under each.

Reflect on the various kinds of indicators. Remember to relax and be honest with yourself. Honesty = Authenticity = Healing!

Please share your thoughts and questions below.


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