Imagine Your Purpose - Beyond Your MindWe are not here on Earth by chance . . . we are here for a very important reason or else we would not be here.

You are so important and so loved, it’s time for us all to open up to this great purpose, even more than we already have.

The foundation of your life is that it is purposeful. There is no other person, or being for that matter, like you in all of creation. Every word, feeling and breath that you have, affects all of creation.

It ripples like the water of a pond after a stone has been dropped into it, into every infinite part of creation. This is who you are. This is how important you are.

This is your primary purpose, just simply existing. And by doing so, affecting this vast universe.

Let’s take a few breaths with this concept. Just breathe into this . . .

[Breathe and release] a few times.

[Breathe and release] and let the shift happen now.

Allow yourself to shift into your purpose, which is to exist. Feel and know that this is your innate purpose. You are already living this purpose.

Continue breathing and releasing, breathing and releasing . . .

Now I want to talk to you about your secondary purpose, particular to this lifetime.

Because as a soul in this physical body . . . as this personality that’s called in my case, Jason, and in your case whatever your name is . . . the soul does have a general intention, which we can call purpose, for this lifetime.

But I want you to know, for certain, that your purpose is unfolding whether you consciously or unconsciously know what it is.

Your life has completion already.

Anything that you discover, understand, regarding this life’s purpose, is just going to be icing on the cake.

Let’s talk about this a little bit. Because this greater awareness of your soul’s purpose and what it wants to accomplish in this life can help you move forward more effortlessly, peacefully, and feel more purposeful.

Can I ask you honestly—if nothing was a limitation or even a consideration, anything’s possible. . . if you could do anything, whatever your imagination can dream up, your heart’s desire, possibly something that’s always been there burning in your heart and mind or something that’s coming to you in this moment—what would you do to receive abundance?

If you could do anything, anything at all, no limitations, whatever you’ve conceived of, the universal rule was that it immediately brought you abundance—what would you imagine it to be?

Take a few breathes with this and just breathe into the infinite, unlimited potential that you are.

You and I, we’re just going to imagine, as a child might imagine, nothings impossible, everything’s possible, what do you imagine?

Now fill in the blank spaces below with what you imagined.

Say to yourself, “ _______ is what I’m imagining.”

Say it out loud. Say, “ _______ is my purpose.”

What I’ve done with you, with this simple exercise around your purpose, is hopefully stretched your mind to what is possible. And if you can begin dreaming like you did when you were a little child again, you’ve opened the door to connecting to a purpose that is beyond your mind and of your soul.

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© 2015 Jason Nelson

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