Four Ways to Be More Present Being present with an experience emotionally, mentally, physically, sexually, and spiritually means you are grounded in the experience. If you do not accept part of your life experience, you unground your consciousness in that moment of life.

Following are four ways you can become more present increasing your wellbeing and success in every way!

    1. SPIRIT - Intuition: Have you ignored your gut feelings or doubted yourself? The intuitive nudges that you receive are to help you be more present with your life purpose. As subtle as they are, give your attention and follow their guidance. See how it helps you to feel more centered.

  1. MIND - Acceptance: Acceptance allows you to fully be in your body and to truly feel everything. It allows your focus to be present and grounded. Acceptance is being honest and authentic with your total life experience. You aren't going to always agree entirely with everyone you meet. It is okay if your friends don’t share the same views as you.

    You can accept someone and disagree with them at the same time. Unconditional acceptance equals unconditional love. When you face and embrace all aspects of yourself, you are able to love and accept yourself. When you are grounded, your intuition is more easily accessed, and you are able to make wiser life choices.

  2. EMOTION - Emotional Authenticity: Were you taught to hold in your emotions? You might push down emotions like anger, fear, sadness, and jealousy, and bottle them up inside, not allowing yourself to feel these emotions that you or those around you may judge as “bad.” This is also true with physical and mental issues you don’t want to deal with. You may suppress these issues and the emotions surrounding them, and block yourself from what you are experiencing in the present moment of life, thereby ungrounding yourself. Learn to accept, embrace and express your emotions. Let them out. Then you will be more grounded everyday of your life!

  3. BODY - Physical Balance: Anything that alters your physical chemistry such as alcohol, chemicals, radiation, drugs, caffeine and sugar can unground you. Even fluorescent lighting and computers can be ungrounding. Being grounded is a choice. You can find the reason you are ungrounded, understand it, and transform it. Start by noticing the things that unground you and make an effort to stay grounded. Get out into nature, exercise and eat a balanced diet. These three action steps are essential to being in a grounded state of well-being.

Each choice you make brings you more into the present or takes you further out of it. Be aware of when you are centered versus un-centered, concentrated versus scattered, attentive versus day dreamy and present versus distant. Use deep breathing to imagine yourself sinking into your heavy feet. Play with this meditation several times a day for a few minutes each time. See how present you can truly be for the beauty of life!


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#4 Jason Nelson 2012-04-02 17:02
Comment posted by Jason Nelson: Thank you Rodrigo, I am glad this inspired you.

Right Jodi, discomforts will always come up, providing us with wonderful opportunities to grow. The choice is if see discomforts as opportunities or pitfalls.

Hi Tom, Thank you. I also find it important to not live in survival mode so that we can be present with what is actually happening in the moment and not base it off of the past and stories we have grown up with. Your work sounds interesting and I would like to hear more, if you have a link to your website you'd like to share.
#3 Tom Hudson 2012-03-25 21:34
Yes, I agree with all that you've said. It's so very important where one focuses ones attention. Living with conscious awareness of ones self requires focus upon all aspects of ones self which you've list.
I utilize a specific training where by my clients learn to focus toward their frontal lobe to achieve present time awareness. This of course takes their focus away from the reptilian brain complex where all the instinctually animalistic thought patterns and behavioral mechanisms for survival are programmed. I find that once a person changes their focus to the frontal lobe their perspective shifts automatically and they become more aware of self and considerate of the well being of others and at the same time less distracted by trauma drama of the fight flight patterns.
#2 Jodi 2011-04-08 08:36
The interesting thing is, Jason, is that all of have different thresholds of discomfort, preferences, tolerances. And even once we've figured out what works for us, those specifics will change as we evolve. So...

As I find is typically true, a combination of mindfulness and authenticity breed comfort.
#1 Rodrigo Afonseca 2011-03-22 03:58
Your words are very thoughtful, and i like it very much. Thanks for sharing your positive mind. The world indeed needs it.