How To Attract Loving SupportHow do you attract loving support or your perfect partner? Use a "Relationship Vision List" to help you refine the qualities you desire in the person you are attracting. In this day and age we can use more loving support.

What better way to feel supported than by attracting a partner to fit your needs. This "Relationship Vision List" exercise will help you to attract your desired partner.

You may be like many people who keep attracting qualities they don’t want. For instance, you may say you want a partner who is an achiever and financially successful; someone who really goes for it. But once that person is in your life, you realize that they don’t have a balance of spending time with you because they are always off building their empire.

The "Relationship Vision List" is something that you redefine with each relationship you attract, whether it is your life partner, an employee or a friend.

People think chemistry, the thing that draws people to us and us to them, is innate, but it’s not. Chemistry is based on beliefs we have been programmed with from our parents, culture, religion, peers and government. For instance, if your parents hold a belief that it’s better not to communicate about issues rather than talk about them, you more than likely learned it and may physically attract someone to match that learned belief.

The "Relationship Vision List" helps us to be clear on what we are intending to attract in our relationships so that we can have the greatest opportunity to experience what we truly want and deserve. Clarity is the key to this exercise, so please be as detailed as possible with your list. Then as you begin attracting people in alignment with it, notice where you need to adjust the list with additions or rewording characteristics. This exercise puts you in the driver’s seat of creating your relationships and reality.

Relationship Vision List Exercise

Below create a list of the previous relationship qualities you’ve experienced up until now, in the particular type of relationship you are recreating. Then, get in touch with the new relationship qualities you’d like to experience and list them. Notice you may carry over or leave behind previous relationship qualities. Whether you let go of a previous quality or carry it over depends on how that quality is serving you now.

When you are done filling out the two columns, use simple deep breathing to let go of the qualities that no longer serve you by speaking out loud “(the previous relationship quality you’re letting go of) no longer serves me, I’m letting it go once and for all, I am free, and my connection to it has lifted and lightened.”

Once you complete letting go of the old qualities that don’t serve you anymore with simple deep breathing, embrace and embody the new relationship qualities that are serving you by speaking out loud “I am embracing and embodying (the new relationship quality). I’m attracting people who support my new relationship vision.”

Continue celebrating your new relationship vision and watch it manifest before your eyes.

Relationship Vision List Exercise
Previous Relationship Qualities
New Relationship Qualities


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#1 Emily Keep 2011-05-31 06:45
I agree with this technique, I have used it with clients for any kind of relationship including work. It is very powerful to have a physical action to let go of an emotion. I also believe that if you truly have time to think about what you desire and embody what it would be like to already have it; its amazing what manefests.