How to Channel a Higher Power to HealWhat does it mean to channel a higher power to create wellbeing and heal your body? We all have our different interpretation of what a higher power is or isn’t. This article is to bring you closer to your own relationship with a higher power.

For purposes of this article, let’s agree that this higher power consciousness is loving, and is interested in your highest good and wellbeing.

Please close your eyes and breathe into what your interpretation of a higher power is so that you can feel it more tangibly when proceeding through this lesson.

This universal support can provide both guidance and healing. For this lesson, we will focus on its healing quality and use this energy to create wellbeing. It has the ability to do anything, so please rest assured that you are supported in your healing endeavors!

This higher power is already with you now; it is in everything and everywhere. The difference then of whether you are touched by it and healed is if you believe it is possible or not. Open up right now to the possibility that you may be healed and transformed in an instant by deepening your heart-centered relationship with this universal supportive energy.

By deepening our connection with a higher power, we may know all answers, understand all wisdom, and receive all healing. This universal intelligence is everywhere, and makes up the very building blocks of our existence. Opening up to this higher power brings us opportunities to grow and heal far beyond what we could do alone.

Channel a Higher Power to Create Wellbeing

First, become aware of something you would like shifted or healed or trust in this higher intelligence to know what you need. Allow – observe – and feel higher universal intelligence going down layers of body to release. It’s a process we can’t understand, but we observe. Be patient with yourself. You can do this exercise anywhere. Invoke the field to heal you. It may take you into an altered state that is similar to right before falling asleep, which is when it can most assist you.

Go through the steps until you feel the connection.

1. BREATHE — (BREATHE IN) and feel yourself connect to your center, the spirit within you. Become aware of an intention for healing or have the field heal what is meant to be healed in this moment of your life.


2. RELEASE — (BREATHE OUT) and expand yourself to create more room for the connection to your spirit. Surrender everything mentally (thoughts), emotionally (feelings) and physically (relax the body) that is not serving your highest purpose in this moment. Willingly release control of the healing to this universal support. Truly let go. Continue surrendering.


3. IMAGINE — (CONTINUE BREATHING) that you have an energy field around your entire body. Feeling this field of energy, this universal intelligence that is here to help you heal and transform your life.

 1) Imagine surrendering everything to a higher power so that the higher power will surround you and begin lifting out of your body anything that is not serving your highest good.

 2) Our bodies store mental, emotional, sexual and physical energies. Allow this intelligent spiritual energy to do all the work for you. Simply become the observer and allow the field to take you into an altered state of consciousness, somewhere between awake and sleep.

 3) The higher power has an intelligence of its own. Feel the field of energy and allow it to do all the work for you. Step into the observer where you observe emotions, memories and thoughts move up and lift out. Using the mind to attempt to understand the experience simply slows the process down.

 4) To the best of your ability watch and breathe. Let where you go and what you do be left up to this higher power’s control. While breathing and releasing, imagine the universe has an intelligence far beyond what we can comprehend, so let it do its job and feel it.

 5) Imagine it moving around your entire body where you feel like a field of energy around your body. You'll feel the sensation stronger by really feeling it.

 6) Release to the feeling, not the thoughts. Healing is feeling, feeling is healing. Thoughts and emotions may come up and start moving, just observe them when this happens, and breathe them on through. Let the field do the work for you.

 7) And let go.

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#4 Joey Constanza 2015-01-30 16:24
I've always been wondering about this kind of healing. One of my friends does it all the time and he is always trying to get me to do it with him. After reading the article, I feel a bit better about trying it for the first time.
#3 Jason Nelson 2011-01-31 12:08
Comment by Jason: Interesting viewpoint John and comments Karin; thank you!
Regarding transforming emotions. I have two articles that will help with that. Transforming limiting beliefs that trigger emotions will help and then addressing the emotions themselves.
#2 karin leder 2011-01-10 06:24
very good feeling...while reading the words...
can you send me more informations....and how to transform negative emotions who are coming from others in my direction...
how can i stop these emotions from others in my direction..
i for myself think in transformation in love...what is coming in.
maybe xou have more ideas to stop these things that they dont arrive my body my soul and my spirit.
thank you...and until then.
greetings from berlin - germany..
#1 john harby 2011-01-08 16:45
the higher power is nothing more than your higher self. which is perfect and exists in the 4th dimentional reality.
It overcomes the physical world. and exists in pure peace and harmony, this is what Jesus accomplished. he transcended the physical world, and in the vibration of the 4th dimension it was pure peace and harmony, he saw the sick as healed and in his vibration focused on their well being.
when he healed he said "go forth and tell no one" why? because he didnt want them to tell the old story of being ill because the focus would then be on being unwell. Law of Attraction at work.