10 Tips to Manifest Spiritual SuccessThese ten tips will assist you with manifesting your spiritual success.

    1. Be Authentic: Authenticity connects you with your inner truth and purpose.

    2. Be the Example You Wish to See: What you see is what you get, is a transparency that is rare in the world. People tend to conform to the status quo to feel acceptable.

    3. You Are An Energetic Being: Allow the energetic currents of your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical self to flow openly, to promote health and well-being.

  1. Express Yourself Clearly: Do not water down your spiritual message for anyone or anything and allow it to shine through everything you do.

  2. Create Win-Win Situations: When a situation is mutually beneficial you have set your team up for long-term success, instead of short-term benefits.

  3. Accept And Receive Unconditionally: To be successful, you must be able to receive without conditions. Receive without strings attached. Expect to receive without a need to give anything in return.

  4. You Are The Best At Something: Everyone in the world is the best at something. Find that unique niche of niches and emphasize it. If your primary mission is to be a mother, then what is it, in particular about mothering, that you are an expert or called to be an expert in? If your mission is accounting, how do you bring a fresh feeling or approach to the accounting industry?

  5. Lead And Follow: A successful person, who is also loved, follows as much as they lead. Your primary professional role may be leading a team or following a leader, but every successful person does both well. This requires humble confidence.

  6. Graceful Transition: No transition needs to feel jagged or painful for anyone. Whether you are changing careers, positions, employees, or strategies, allow harmony and grace to emanate.

  7. Spirit Has A Hand: Every successful person that remains successful with peace in their heart has a universal support with them opening and closing doors, sparking inspiring thoughts, and contributing to strategy. Open yourself to a higher power to be your aid in developing a successful purpose and you will forever feel inspired and at peace.


© 2015 Jason Nelson

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#3 renukasenthil 2012-04-11 04:08
Respected sir,
Thank you very much for your guidance.This is very interesting and very inspirational and very useful thing also. Definitely this article will change one's life completely there is no doubt about that.Once again thanking you.
#2 nnamanh john 2011-05-28 09:48
this is very very inspirational and advisive
#1 Edie Summers 2011-01-28 10:48
Very helpful, thank you!