How to Communicate Better With Your Child It can be frustrating for children to communicate their feelings to their parents, teachers or caretakers and have their feelings misunderstood. How many of us, adults, feel misunderstood.

We do our best to communicate our feelings clearly in a way that our partners, colleagues and friends can understand, but still there are many misunderstandings.

I wonder how my life would have been different if my parents spent enough time with me to be able to intuitively understand my needs and feelings.

If we set our intention to listen more with our intuitive ears, other people’s true intentions will be better understood. Play with this idea. When people speak to you, listen to what they actually mean and feel behind their words, to see if both their inner experience and outer communication of their experience are the same. Communicate your intuitive interpretation back to them and see if they agree with it.

If they don’t, try asking questions to really figure out how they feel. Sometimes what people say and what they mean are different. Learn how to communicate effectively. Practice this exercise in groups with the intention of deepening your physical and nonphysical communication skills. Explore all the ways you can expand your ability to communicate clearly!

Children see what is really happening with adults whether adults are aware of it or not. When adults inauthentically communicate their feelings, thoughts and behaviors, children get confused. This happens because children perceive something different than what is actually being said. Children tend to be shielded from adult behaviors, emotions and thoughts that adults deem unfit or unhealthy for them to witness. This behavior teaches children, by example, to be inauthentic. They then emulate inauthentic communication. It’s important for us to role-model authenticity to children by being a living example of it.

When we practice authentic communication with the people and children in our lives, the children around us will pick up on it and learn to live openly and honestly.


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#1 Emma Fiddimore 2011-05-18 00:02
This is a great piece. I am a single mum of one daughter, who is just coming up to three. She is open, funny, intense, clever, beautiful. I am / have been communicating openly with her. Because I am at home with her all the time, we have the time (and I have the patience - most of the time!) to talk and explain things. I try not to open her up to the "bad" things in life, but I do try and be "real" with her. Parenting is the hardest job I have had, but the most fulfilling, scary, rewarding time of my life. Until you have a child, you have no idea what you have got yourself in to!!! :-)