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How is it that my mom always knew when I was about to hurt myself or get in trouble? I’d get a phone call out of the blue and she’d tell me that she sensed something was wrong. Every time she was right on.

This bond defies space and time. More than coincidence, it is a real invisible connection between us, a connection that was created before I was even born.

Even though it seems rare to have such a powerful connection with one’s mother, I know every mother and child is meant to have a strong spiritual bond. Every mother wants a loving, unbreakable bond with their children that lasts their lifetime.

It begins with prenatal baby talk.

When my mother carried me in her womb she would talk with me. Not to me but with me. Everyday we’d have conversations, just her and I. Though I don’t have a vivid recollection of our prenatal talks, when she speaks about it, I feel nostalgic like on some level I do remember. Flashes of visions mixed with feelings and inexplicable sensations come over me. I go somewhere. It could be described as a perfect feeling—safe, loved, accepted and unified—the feeling of a strong mother child bond.

As a spiritual coach in Los Angeles, I’ve connected many people to their spirituality. It is easier and more valuable for mothers to begin connecting with their child before birth, before the sleepless nights or diaper changing.  During this prenatal stage, Mom’s energy can go into strengthening her spiritual connection with Baby. Without a voice, look and in some cases gender, there is a greater freedom for Mom to become acquainted with the intangible, invisible relationship with the baby before birth.

Prenatal baby talk is a two way exchange; the unborn child will speak back. This opens many doors for Mom to receive valuable guidance during and after the pregnancy to help nurture the baby’s greatest potential.

Pregnancy is a beautiful and challenging experience. What better coach through the ups and downs than one’s own child. There is a very aware spirit in the body of every unborn child, a consciousness that can guide and heal you by bringing peace to your heart, mind and body. The unborn child is not tainted with the worlds limiting, disempowering beliefs. Therefore, it is the right time to develop a relationship.

The invaluable gifts a child receives from prenatal baby talk enables them to feel more confident, intuitive, aware and safe. It prepares a child for the big world outside that they will inevitably join. The type of relationship seed we plant is the type of fruit a relationship will bear. Prenatal baby talk increases the likelihood for a juicy, yummy fruitful parental relationship.

How Do I Talk With My Baby

To step into the baby’s world means we must recondition our mind to allow for imagination in ways adults just typically do not. Children are a perfect role model for how adults can open parts of the mind, in this case, imagination, that have been closed down due to the yes’s and no’s we are inundated with from birth.

Why are children such an important role model for us? The imagination is more than a childhood past time that holds one’s attention when the adults won’t play. It is the creative vehicle that has manifested humanities greatest advancements throughout all time. The antithesis of this creative phenomenon has been known as writers block, mental block and creative block.

A simple three step prenatal baby talk process walks one through 1. Breathing 2. Releasing, and 3. Imagining. The first two steps are to open one up to the innate imagination or doorway to the chat you will have with your unborn child. Think of breathing and releasing as clearing the mind of all thoughts, the heart of any emotional charge and the body of tension.

Find a comfortable place to be.

  1. Breathe deeply into the center of your being, visualizing an invisible healing life-force being pulled from your surroundings into the depths of your solar plexus (the spot just above your belly button), connecting with your spirit and the spirit of your baby. Breathing out . . .

  2. Release any thoughts on your mind, charged emotions in your heart and tension in your body. Repeat the breathing and releasing until you feel centered with a lightness and clarity. In the process give yourself permission to imagine. Say out loud, “I give myself permission to imagine this experience.” Repeat this affirmation three times, knowing that you can critique the process after you are completely done with the exercise. Now you are ready to . . .

  3. Imagine you and your baby are one. One heart, one mind and one soul. Talk to your baby and ask it questions about anything. Then as you continue to breathe and release, imagine what your baby would say back to you. It is simple to use the prenatal baby talk process so use it as often as you’d like.

If you want to practice a more tangible prenatal baby talk process, journal. You will more than likely peruse what you write years down the road so choose a journal that looks and feels special to you.

Start by writing your thoughts down. Then, use the same above exercise to breathe, release and imagine what your baby would say back to you. Please remember there is no wrong way to do this so let go and have fun. As you write more and more, you will find yourself fall into a flow that deeply connects you to the prenatal baby talk process.

Honesty and authenticity enhance the experience with your baby. The more emotionally expressive you are with your baby, the more clear your visions, feelings and thoughts will be between you. Think of your child’s spirit as your confidant, healer and guide. Strengthen and celebrate the bond with your baby to transcend any challenge that may arise prenatal, postnatal and for the rest of your life.


© 2015 Jason Nelson

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#2 Jason Nelson 2010-11-19 17:03
Comment by Jason: Thank you Heshie! I'm sure you are doing empowering things for parents and kids. Please share anything you'd like. You may always put my website in any handouts so people can refer back to the site. Let me know how I may be of future service to you.
#1 Heshie Segal 2010-06-02 12:11
You have sound calm advise that I would like to share with my friends and audience if that would be alright with you. Thanks you for following me so we now have the opportunity to speak. I do a substantial amount of work with parents and especially with children.
Heshie Segal