Five Steps To Channel SpiritChanneling is a natural way to be in alignment with our soul’s purpose on earth. It is how we can connect and get to know Spirit.

Spirit is a word encompassing all spiritual assistance we have and the Spirit realm in general. Spirit includes God, Source, Jesus, Buddha, Spirit guides, deceased loved ones, friends and family spirits, and soul mates.

Through channeling we form a close relationship with Spirit. We get to know and love them as friends and family without bodies. Spirit is always with us and helps us daily. They understand our purpose better than we do because they have all the knowledge about anything they need to know; they are also very wise. They can give us advice and open our life up to opportunities that we would never consider on our own!

Humanity’s main spiritual goal must be to deepen its relationship with Spirit. Then by thinking of Spirit as our nonphysical family and friends, just as we have a physical family and friends, we can take the feeling of support with Spirit deeper than our own physical friends and family.

When we channel Spirit, our mind moves out of the way and we watch it all take place with little interaction. We may butt in and make a comment, ask a question, or we may even get clear enough to have a dialogue with the channeled spirit. It may take time to get comfortable with it.

Open up to the infinite possibilities that Spirit has for you. Have fun! Every time you channel, it heals you!

Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is the best way to open and start using your intuition and form a relationship with Spirit. We can also call it inspired writing. Automatic writing is the process of inviting Spirit into your living creative space to guide you through channeled writing, where you channel the inspiration of a spirit through writing.

Always have an intention before you begin, a question or intention you want insight into. When you start to receive a vision or thought, just let it pour out of you by writing what comes to you on a piece of paper. Unblock your mind and let the words flow freely. Step out of the way of Spirit so you can fully receive.

Five Steps To Channel Spirit:

  1. Clear:

    Breathe in and feel yourself connect to your center, the spirit within you. Breathe out and expand yourself to create more room for the connection to your spirit. Surrender everything mentally (thoughts), emotionally (feelings) and physically (relax the body) that is not serving your highest purpose in this moment. Continue surrendering and breathing this way through the remainder of the exercise.

  2. Invoke:

    Ask Spirit in whatever Spirit form is special to you, to come into your space to guide and heal you.

  3. Ask:

    Write your intention or question down on a pad of paper or journal as you verbalize it out loud.

  4. Receive:

    If you were to imagine the answer wafting into your mind, what is it. It might seem like your own thinking and that is okay, just go with it and write it down as it comes into your mind. Many times the channeled information begins with a word or phrase and as you begin writing it unfolds into more detailed answers to your questions. You’re essentially having a written and verbal dialogue with Spirit. It may be a few lines to a few pages before you feel the flow. Then your verbiage and writing style may change, using words atypical to your vocabulary.

  5. Apply:

    Once you receive your information, the pieces that you resonate with, act on them.

The more you practice the clearer and easier it will feel. The journey to knowing Spirit involves patience.

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#26 Melissa 2017-05-31 21:59
Hi Amelia, Jason has a video on Automatic Writing here: Check it out! Quoting Amelia:
I just tried automatic writing for the first time last night. I mediated for 20 minutes but did not experince anything particular and what I wrote on paper seemed to still be me controlling it. I went to bed and now this morning by neck is extremely sore and I do not know why. Could this have anything to do with my channeling? Also, do you have any advice to make automatic writing not controlled by me?
#25 Amelia 2017-05-27 11:34
I just tried automatic writing for the first time last night. I mediated for 20 minutes but did not experince anything particular and what I wrote on paper seemed to still be me controlling it. I went to bed and now this morning by neck is extremely sore and I do not know why. Could this have anything to do with my channeling? Also, do you have any advice to make automatic writing not controlled by me?
#24 nathan 2017-04-28 19:31
i have no problems doing all this but now it sometimes happens unexpectedly and invointarilly on tests and because no one can understand my wrighting i have a scribe, the scribe usually says "you should have gone with you're gut"
#23 Ashley 2016-10-07 15:58
I recently went to see a medium, as I lost both of my grandparents last year. She told me that I am "a light worker" just like she is. I know that the lady I saw is legit because she told me things that nobody else could have known. She suggested I start meditating and trying to channel my spirit guide. I'm not really sure what to expect and have been a little bit scared to try. I have seen ghosts in the past and sometimes I see orbs or shadows zoom past me. Any advice? What might I experience? Has anyone done this and seen a spirit?
#22 Mece 2014-08-13 08:02
I would really like to start channeling spirit however I am having trouble calming all the thoughts that run through my mind. I tried to meditate and allow my thoughts to flow on paper but for some reason I am being blocked. Any suggestions?
#21 Rachel 2013-10-07 15:34
Ever since I was little I have always seen different colors surrounding me and I'm not sure if they are energies or spirits. Can someone tell me what I'm seeing?
#20 Renee 2013-10-06 01:21
What is the term or ability referred to when you get nauseated, fearful, & the feeling of dread before you're about to do something? I don't ever know what is going to happen, only that I shouldn't do it. I started experiencing this at a very young age & would tell my father about it. I would plead with him to listen to me with no avail. Just as I predicted something terrible would occur (fire, arrest, wreck, etc) He would of course say that it was my fault, that I had some how cursed him. It's kinda scary accurate. Is there anything I can do to enhance this ability or add different abilities to it?Any help would be appreciated. I have learned to keep my bad feelings to myself & have never told anyone but now I'm grown so I feel it's ok for me to explore this issue free of ridicule. Thank You
#19 kassandra 2013-09-09 09:40
hi, ive been told that i have psychic abilities, its like an imagination like a mini movie clip, its as if i know things about people who i dont know, and i dont know where the information comes from i have tried opening up but nothing, i have tried to give a mini reading to a friends friend who i dont know and i have been accurate with most of the things on the readings, but someimes im far out and it dont make sense how can i open up safely and properly please help
#18 Jason Nelson 2013-08-19 12:48
Comment by Jason: When communicating with spirit, please know they are pure spiritual energy, which means they are pure love. You have nothing to fear with the experience; however, if you are uncomfortable you may be projecting your own thoughts and emotions onto the spiritual experience, which can give the experience of 'evil' spirits. But what is really happening is the 'evil' is projected by our own mind. You may project any emotion or thought onto the spirit, get mad at the spirit or love the spirit, and the spirit will remain consistent without judgment: the spiritual being that visits you will always love you unconditionally!
#17 Lillian 2013-07-23 11:20
What is unprotected channeling? How can one know if spirit is good or evil?