Reconnect to Your Inner ChildDo you remember what it is like to see the world through a child’s eyes?

Can you remember how it feels to view everything with child-like innocence?

You have probably developed certain perspectives so that you may adapt and relate in the real world with other adults.

If you take some time to remember what it felt like to have that pure innocence, you will experience more peace and joy in all of life.

You will unify with your spiritual nature and start living from your soul. Your life purpose will be clear and defined every step of the way.

I will teach you 3 steps how to reconnect to your inner child.

  1. Drop your guard.

  2. Trust your intuition.

  3. Feel safe with the people around you.

The first step is to drop your guard. The world is a scary place for children, but when we become an adult we learn to cope with the world by creating a shield. Our shield teaches us to be untrusting and fearful because we need to protect against anything ‘bad’ that might happen to us. We learn that by trusting strangers won’t harm us, we make ourselves vulnerable to getting hurt.

As adults surrounded by media stories of burglary and kidnapping, we are conditioned to be suspicious of everyone and everything. However, by putting up this shield of distrust, we muffle our innocence, our soul’s essence. When we drop our guard, we open up vistas to knowing our inner child.

How do you drop your guard? Recognize what your guard is and how it is affecting you. Look at each relationship you have in your life. Are you open with everyone? Do you feel safe around everyone? Do you feel like you can be yourself around some people but not others?

If you have doubts and suspicions, they are detrimentally impacting your life. They are keeping you from making changes, even though you may be unhappy with your current life situation. Fear keeps us from taking risks like trusting, loving, and accepting people even though they will bring more happiness into our life. Our guard is keeping us from experiencing our truest nature of child-like innocence and living from our soul.

The second step is to learn to trust in your intuition. You might ask, “How can I go back to my innocence when there are muggers and murderers running rampant on the streets?” You have nothing to fear for your intuition is alive within you. When we drop our guard, we gain fuller and deeper access to our intuition.

By using it, we will always be where we need to be and with whom we are meant to be with. Whenever we are uncertain about someone or something, we turn to and trust our intuition to guide us. Our intuition gives us strength and protection. Once you learn to listen to our intuition, you are ready for the last step.

The last step is to start trusting and feeling safe with the people around you. Trust that you are accepted and loved. We do not need to hide parts of ourselves or pretend to be someone we are not. We can fully be ourselves with everyone. Trust that the people around you are not going to hurt you.

When someone extends their love and friendship, accept it. You will find that there is nothing to fear. The acceptance and love we give to others will come back to us tenfold. When we feel safe, everything we feared will melt away and we will truly be free.


© 2015 Jason Nelson

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