Create More Wealth By Valuing YourselfThe best way to increase your wealth and abundance is to raise the bar on your self-value. People see you as you see yourself, mostly.

Therefore, it is imperative to view yourself as you wish to be seen. Makes sense, doesn’t it? I’m talking about really owning your greatest vision of your highest worth.

If you are a consultant, decide what your fee is by the hour or per consultation. Is it over or under how much you actually feel--notice I use the word ‘feel--you are worth?

If you are asking for more than you feel you are worth, people will respond by undervaluing your services. You will not procure much business, if at all.

Do you want to pay for something that you feel is worth half of the asking price? No. Of course you don’t. On the other hand, do you want to pay for something that you feel is worth much more than the asking price? Yes, of course you do.

Some people would even feel like they are taking advantage of the situation because they feel they’re getting a great deal.

Do you have a typical salary job with evaluation periods to increase your salary? What weighs in on the decision most is how much you value your services to the company and the value of those services. Let it be twice what you are currently receiving for your position. I suggest asking for half of what you actually value yourself at.

So if your self-value is ninety thousand per year, you should only ask for forty-five thousand per year. This way the affirmation and energy you own is, of course they’d give me forty-five thousand, they’d be crazy not to. The feeling you own is that you are practically giving your services away to them. They then feel this and respond in kind by giving you what you ask for or in some cases feel compelled to offer you more.

The unemployment rate is up and some people are feeling hopeless about procuring a job when hundreds are applying for the same position. Is the key to take less? Well, maybe.

But the essential point when applying with hundreds of other applicants is to create your value to be higher than theirs. You are the professional who has the answers to the company’s needs and the salary you are asking from them is half of what you would typically receive for your services. This type of consciousness is what will set you aside from the hundreds of other applicants and land you the job. Let’s face it, with hundreds of applicants, employers are praying for someone to jump out at them to help them narrow the pile down. You can be the one who jumps out!

Commission-based sales and similar positions such as acting where one is making money per gig must use the same principle. When going to an audition or closing a deal, own the role or part so the one you are selling it to feels it beaming out of you. Own what you do so strongly that the receiver is compelled to hire you. People want to be sold. They want to feel that you know you are the one for them more than they know it. They want you to prove it to them. Prove it by owning it, not by explaining or thinking it. Simply own it.

Find the limiting beliefs that are devaluing your services, whether they are to a company for a salary or per job on a consultation fee basis. Shift any beliefs you have that are not allowing you to create the greatest value of your services. Furthermore, any life experiences that prevent you from owning your inner truth and service must be reckoned with in order to create the powerful response you are looking for from others.

The recipe for success every time with everything is to get real with your inner value system. Increase it. Own it and you will turn seemingly disadvantages into your greatest successes!


© 2015 Jason Nelson

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#4 Anita aka Angelwingss7 in Canada 2011-01-25 07:53
Jason, seems wonderful in theory but so hard to achieve in reality. Perhaps I am missing something in self-value to achieve this. I need to make that "inner shift". Blessings to All.
#3 Jason nelson 2009-12-07 09:29
It would be the same for any employment or consultant position. Ask for half of your inner value. This doesn't mean you ask for less than the next person for the same job. The point is to shift things within you so your inner value system is at least double of what the going rate is so when you ask for the going rate, people are compelled to hire you or buy your products. If the going rate is $100,000 salary for your position, increase your inner value to two or three hundred thousand so that people feel paying you 100K is a good deal for them.
#2 Rosemary 2009-09-07 10:31
Jason, Yes! This is something that I experienced this year regarding the price of my products. Wow, as soon as I made the inner shift, then people were happy to pay for the products. I was attracting people that matched my inner value. Yikes!
Loving your newsletters. In return I tell the world about you.

big love, Rosemary
#1 Leah Levkowitz 2009-09-07 09:08
Great article and advice Jason.
I'm wondering though, why for the consultant you would ask what you feel your worth, but the employee would ask for only half of what you feel you're worth. Wouldn't that create a feeling of resentment or devaluing of yourself? Or is the main point to see your value as more than you're getting so they will feel you are valuable and give you what you want?