How To Receive Abundant Money Now With the economic downturn, what do we do to keep our faith in manifesting a consistent inflow of money?

Money, money and money is important - just as eating, sleeping and breathing is important.

Can you have abundant money now or do you have to wait for the collective people to change their thinking?

Why wait when you can have it right now!

When manifesting money or anything for that matter it is important to consider how you receive.

We hear so often that we need to give to receive. Tithe to your religious institution. Donate. Give, give, give. But what about receive, receive, receive?

They are tied together but not as many think. Giving to receive is conditional giving, isn’t it?

It is important to give unconditionally, meaning that if you give someone a gift for their birthday and they smash it in a million pieces on the ground, you are happy for them and whatever they chose to do with the gift you gave them.

This means no strings attached. Do you have strings attached to what you give? Do you expect something in return such as a kind reply or that they do something with your gift. Did you really give it or do you still claim ownership? Was your joy in giving or in what you expect to receive in return?

Receiving is equally important. Have you felt uncomfortable receiving from people because you think about what you need to do in return or how you need to be? If so, it’s just a reflection of how you behave and think when you give to others.

If you can receive unconditionally, you are pioneering ahead of the pack. Do you feel that you should receive everything without needing to give anything in return? Isn’t that unconditional receiving?

Open to the infinite ways that the creator and universe can give to you through people, places and things without conditionally thinking about how to give back or what you ‘should’ do with the gift. Free yourself.

Open up right now to the abundant gifts that are waiting to pour into your life without attachments, judgments or thoughts on how you should or shouldn’t receive them. Just open up and say YES! You deserve to receive everything unconditionally without a thought of what to give in return.

In each moment by being open to giving when you feel like it and receiving unconditionally, you will create the greatest impetus for evolution and success that one might realize. It’s time and you are ready. So jump into the financial abundance of NOW.


© 2015 Jason Nelson

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#3 The Barking Unicorn 2010-03-19 13:30
Aristostle defined Kindness as “helpfulness towards some one in need, not in return for anything, nor for the advantage of the helper himself, but for that of the person helped.” (Rhetoric, Book II) Kindness is "unconditional giving." But there IS a return for Kindness, each and every time!
Kindness enhances the survival prospects of the one helped. To the extent that all members of a species are Kind to all others, the survival of the species is enhanced. All behaviors which enhance species survival give rise to biological feedback mechanisms which encourage such behaviors.
Whenever you do a Kindness, your brain releases chemicals which make you feel good. So you want to be Kind again and again. This reward is independent of all external factors. You give it to yourself, automatically.
It doesn't matter what the recipient of your Kindness does with it. It doesn't matter what other people think of you for being Kind. It doesn't even matter what your rational mind thinks of the Kindness you do. Be Kind, and your body gives you a chemical reward.
indness can be as easy and free as looking into the eyes of a passing stranger, smiling, and thinking, "I deem your existence pleasant." The stranger will feel your Kindness and be helped by it. You will get your dose of Kindness chemicals. You will feel good. In fact, you will vibrate with Joy! Just think of how many strangers you pass each day, and how frequently you can vibrate with Joy - for free!
Much more on this subject in my Blog Bark, "Kindness: The Simple, Sovereign Remedy":
#2 Jason Nelson 2009-07-29 17:23
Receiver and recipient are part of the universe. When we recieve from another or give to another, we are exchanging with the universe.
#1 Leah 2009-07-29 16:04
So isn't there some form of energy exchange not necessarily between the receiver and the recipient but from the universe?