Age Of The SoulThere is a wonderful opportunity among us that has been talked about for thousands of years. My role has been teaching others how to communicate with their spiritual guidance as a means of empowerment to help usher in this new age.

In September of 2005, significant pieces of wisdom were given to me through daily Angelic communication. These essential teachings were about the soul and that this new age is the Age of the Soul.

I received information from many Angels about the next one thousand years and particularly the century to come. Every road and technique given would always lead to the same place: namely, the awareness of the soul and its destiny on Earth.

We are an advanced culture in many ways, and yet in others, we have far to go. When we look at the consciousness of people and the way they treat one another we can obviously understand there is a great change needed.


We are aware that the choices we make every moment of our lives have results or consequences. We see it when we are driving down the freeway and there is a collision because someone chose to drink and drive.

Our choices may cause us to feel alone and without a sense of purpose or direction.

Our life is about choices, how we love, how we feel; whether we choose to accept another despite our differences or not. We even choose life or we choose death.

The one factor remaining constant between all souls incarnating across the universe it change and love. When we look back on our lives after we die we will cherish the times we showed love and will balance the times we did not. 

Love is the energy of creation and is the consistent creative force that never changes. From love comes everything else and to love everything returns.

When we experience something different than love it is only because our interpretation of life is unclear. Our view of the world is only unclear because of how we were treated; how we were raised. These perceptions we grew up with have then been reinforced by friends and colleagues alike.

How do we find clarity, especially about love as the energy of consistent creative force? There are three simple ideas to be aware of to help us evolve into clear love. 

First is to identify how we perceive ourselves. Do we judge too harshly? Do we find fault with our lives? What do we see as good aspects of who we are? As we can increase our awareness of our beliefs, faith, love and acceptance of ourselves new understandings are possible. We must first accomplish this and it is the most challenging. 

Second, we must recognize our perspective of the world around us. Are we judging or accepting others unconditionally? Do we love all creation, not just what we judge as deserving our attention?

Third is to be open to the wants and desires we have. What are they in their most basic form? How are they creating our life and are we pleased with them?

Eventually we will all have a clear perspective of love because this is the Age of the Soul and the soul’s nature is based in unconditional love.

It is important to realize that our soul has within it everything to start, proceed with and complete its destiny. Within our soul are the combined experiences from every lifetime we have lived. We might say instead of a record keeper (which our soul is not), it is an absorbing and expanding wisdom. It absorbs the experiences from lifetimes, creating a greater wisdom within the perspective of the soul. This wisdom is at some point complete and returns with its experiences to add to the Source, otherwise known as God. 

Compassion, the heart of the soul, is honoring God within all life under the universal law of oneness. Compassion is embracing all forms of life; the trees, water, humanity, animals etc. It is the honoring of God through the experience of compassion and love. When we cease judging our perceptions and allow life to be all that it can be, we are truly expressing the height of love.

Remember, the importance of every human is the same. The quality of life and love that we deserve is the same and the wisdom of the soul can lead us to this realization.


© 2015 Jason Nelson

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Gracias estas palabras son increibles gracias por encontrar esta ayuda